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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thoughts On The Live-Action Remake Trend

Disney has definitely been on a wave of live-action remakes lately and has had much success exploiting previous characters for more money. While this is great for the company financially, is it really great for the true Walt Disney fans?

The Amazing Walt Disney, himself.

Walt Disney achieved his success in animation, that is his legacy.

From the 1920s to today, many of Disney's original animated characters have stood the test of time and appealed to generation after generation. Disney princesses and other classic films have been passed down through generations and just as Walt Disney wanted, his films provided an experience that the entire family could enjoy together. This is the "magic of Disney", the charm that has resulted in so many fans all around the world.

Until the recent live-action remakes, these Disney characters and films stayed consistent through each generation and served as something a family could have in common. Now, however, generations are starting to be separated with older ones being more acclimated with Walt Disney-inspired animated classics and younger generations being more acclimated with remakes [and sometimes remodeling] of animated classics. This is so sad to take away from families and to take away from Walt Disney.

The animated classics honor Walt Disney and his company, while the remakes exploit the classics to make money. This is why I do not support any of the live-action remakes of classic Disney animated films. I love the magic that Walt Disney created and how much he cared about families. I support keeping his legacy for more generations to come - not changing it.

This doesn't mean that I think the characters can't change up, Disney characters are very diverse and dynamic! I'm not trying to be exclusive to any type of characters or stories here, I am just defending the classic films that most of us Disney fans grew up on. I think we should think twice about allowing all of these live-action remakes to change that.

The latest animated Disney films, especially Frozen and Moana have received much success for Disney. Why can't we focus on continuing to create diverse, new animated characters that honor Walt Disney rather than insulting him by changing his stories? I'm even in more support of animated sequels that expand on existing characters rather than redoing original ones with so many changes in format, style and story.

And can we please bring back the drawing-animation style? It's so much more visually stunning, organic, elegant and creatively-talented than the "roly poly" CGI-animation! Also has a much better storybook/fairy-tale/animated feel!
Rapunzel 2D Concept Art
Rapunzel 3D vs. 2D
Fan Art Example of Merida in 2D
Frozen 2D Concept Art

Beautiful 2D versions of 3D princesses by NicoleBalcom
Moana Concept Art
Moana Concept Art