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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Most Intelligent Disney Female Countdown Part 1/3

Some Disney females are prettier than others, some are braver than others, some are sweeter, some are sassier, etc etc. These little details are what make them different. I find it fun to rank them on different quality/trait scales because it makes me look deeper at these characters and I end up learning more about them and why they are the way that they are. (This is made obvious by my many countdown lists.) So this time, I thought I would look at potential IQs. I have gone through and analyzed the actions of each character in her movie along with any other information I could use to try and rank them as accurately as possible. Additionally, with each icon, I tried to pick a moment that shows off the respective character's intellect (or lack thereof). So, who are the smartest Disney females of all? Here are my results:

40. Arista
Not surprising that she's last if you've seen The Little Mermaid 3. When you first see Arista, she has just been woken up by the governess but is still wearing the sleep mask that she inevitably went to bed in and upon waking up, says "But it's still dark out." Then the aid of the governess lifts the sleep mask off of her eyes and she realizes her mistake (as shown in the picture). This scene was meant to tell us how much intelligence she lacks. Later, Aquata asks Arista if she is using her sleep-mask (without her permission) and Arista responds "Nope". Then, Aquata replies that "It's got my initial on it" and Arista asks "It does?" as though she forgot that all of her sisters have a name that starts with "A". That being said, she is naturally talented when it comes to playing the horns.

39. Drizella
Drizella's intelligence level doesn't seem to be too impressive. She does seem to be the first to acknowledge that she and her sister are eligible to go to the ball but that could be disputed. When she is singing and her sister starts to play the flute discordantly, she reacts with violence by snatching the flute and hitting her sister with it. This is a very clear sign of a lack of intelligence as she rushed to judgment and punishment without really thinking. In addition, she and her sister stick their tongues out at each other, despite the fact that they are not children. This is another sign that both of them are lacking in intelligence. After Cinderella asserts herself as an eligible maiden and seems to get her stepmother to agree to her going to the ball, the two sisters complain. Lady Tremaine explains that she said "If Cinderella finishes her chores then she can go" and Drizella seems to catch on to the trick here quicker than her sister (as shown in the picture). When Cinderella gets stuck in a daydream as Anastasia and Drizella are piling clothes and chores onto her, Drizella is the first one to insult her and call her "stupid" for no reason. The rush to juvenile name-calling is a definite lack of intelligence and may also be a Freudian slip of her own insecurities about her own intellectual level (or lack thereof). When trying on the glass slipper, Drizella also calls the poor aid a "stupid little idiot", again showing her own ignorance and short-comings.

38. Anastasia Tremaine
The way that Anastasia Tremaine is so overly dependent on her mother and needs her to explain most things for her, makes it pretty safe to say that Anastasia is not very sharp. All that she seems to know how to do, is to blame everyone else for her problems and physically lash out (as shown in the picture). Those are both signs of a lack of intelligence. Even though she likes to tease and make fun of Cinderella, she's never really witty about it, though she tries. When her sister is singing, she either purposefully plays the flute in a discordant manner or just loses her concentration. If it's the latter, that's a huge sign of lack of intelligence. If it's the former, that's still not a very smart move as she gains nothing from it and even gets hit for it. In addition, she and her sister stick their tongues out at each other, despite the fact that they are not children. This is another sign of both of their lacking in intelligence. When Cinderella gets stuck in a daydream as Anastasia and Drizella are piling clothes and chores onto her, Anastasia seems to be the first to notice her, showing she is somewhat observant.

37. Charlotte
Charlotte only seems to have one goal in life, to be a princess, but she certainly does what she can to reach it. Initially, it's a smart idea to pay Tiana to make her some "man-catching beignets" (as shown in the picture) except that long-term it would hurt her if the prince actually expected her to "make" some more (and Tiana wasn't around to keep up the ruse). This short-term thinking is a sign of her lack of intelligence. When she is at the ball, waiting for the prince to arrive, she uses a ton of tissues to wipe her sweat but then leaves them sticking to the sweat of her body until she throws a tantrum and throws them off, along with her tiara. This is not a sign of intelligence. The fact that Charlotte legitimately believed that wishing on a star was able to make her dream come true was also a sign of her lack of intelligence. Unlike Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and others before her who wished through their dreams and personal goals, Charlotte actually wished on a sun that exploded millions of years ago. She fell for the intrigue and mystery that comes with an ignorance of the universe because she was not smart enough or curious enough to look into such things. As time is running out on the clock, Charlotte takes a long time to "absorb" the information given to her by frog-version of Naveen and then proceeds to put on lipstick to kiss the frog. This was another sign of her lack of intelligence as she chose to waste so much time during a time-sensitive situation. When she was too late to kiss Naveen and proceeded to kiss him like 6 more times in a row, it was another sign of her lack of intelligence as the kiss clearly would've worked the first time or not at all. (It was dependent on a time line, not amount or types of kisses.) Lastly, the idea that she could wait for a 6 1/2 year old boy to grow up and marry to become a princess was either an incredibly tasteless joke (that would be labeled as pedophilia if the genders were reversed) or an incredibly unintelligent idea. Either way, Charlotte is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Honorary Mention: Thumbelina
Sweet, kind and terribly gullible is Thumbelina's character. She seems to be too trusting in other people, as well as too reliant on them. After she escapes from being kidnapped, she has to find her way home. She is smart enough to ask for help from others since she's not too independently resourceful. Aside from that, she doesn't really show too many signs of intellect. The one sign of intellect that she does show however. is curiosity as she wants to know why she's so small and if there could be other people like her in the world (as shown in the picture). When Cornelius takes her dancing around, it was incredibly foolish of her to blow a kiss to the toad. This is proven true when he kidnaps her as a result, later.

36. Megara
When we first see Megara, she is being assaulted and harassed by the river guardian, Nessus. It is clear that Nessus is trying to take advantage of Meg and quite frankly, Meg's efforts to resist him are getting her nowhere. Hercules shows up to rescue her, but her first words to him are, "Keep moving, junior." This is completely idiotic. Yes, she was sent by Hades to recruit Nessus but that doesn't mean that Nessus was under any obligation not to hurt her. Furthermore, Hades has no love for Megara and no reason to keep her protected. If Nessus had killed Meg, Hades would've just recruited someone else to take her place. If Nessus had harmed Meg, as he was intending to, Meg would've been forced to just accept this and keep working for him. While many Disney females have found themselves in unfortunate and dangerous situations, Meg was the first and only to completely refuse any help, despite the fact that she desperately needed help. Even though Meg says "I can handle this", she clearly can't. It should have been clear to Meg by this point that her "recruiting" was having no effect. This introduction to Meg and her nonsensical choices was done for a reason, to show that Meg makes poor, impulsive decisions without thinking - hence why she got stuck working for Hades in the first place. It also shows that Meg has no trust for any man just because of what one man did to her. This over-generalization and extremist reaction shows a great lack of intelligence and this decision only hurts her by putting her in situations that she doesn't need to - and shouldn't - be in. Meg witnesses Hercules defeat Nessus, showing that he is clearly stronger and smarter, yet she decides to antagonize him a bit, rather than thanking him for saving her life. Meg was incredibly lucky that Hercules was such a stand-up guy and responded the way he did, because her reaction to him was not a smart decision. She already couldn't defend herself from Nessus yet here she was disrespecting the man who defeated Nessus. When Hercules asks about how Meg got herself into the situation she was in, she spews her anti-male, extremist and sexist ideology. Another sign of a lack of intelligence. (Misogyny and misandry are equally stupid.) Furthermore, she is so wrapped up in her own world that she doesn't even think to get to know Hercules and why he's out being a hero. She doesn't even entertain the idea that someone could help free her from Hades' control. When Hercules asks Meg if she needs a ride, she calls Pegasus a "pinto" - which means "a horse having irregular patches of two colors, typically black and white" - even though Pegasus is clearly not a pinto and Meg isn't blind. That's another sign of her lack of intelligence as she says things that are totally inaccurate. It seems that Meg uses banter, insults and sarcasm etc. as a defense mechanism to mask her lack of intelligence. It's also possible that Meg's bitterness is just getting in the way of whatever intelligence she does have. Since Meg doesn't care about anyone but herself anymore, she also blames her failure to recruit Nessus on Hercules, even though she knows full and well that Hades' only reaction would be to want to destroy him. Seeing as how she sends Hades after the guy who rescued her, this is either a sign of her lack of intelligence or a lack of compassion for anyone else. Since Meg claims to see right through Hercules' routine, even though he wasn't pretending to be something he wasn't at all, I'd say it shows a lack of her intelligence. Meg thinks that because Hercules is a male, he must be bad and deserve whatever bad things that might happen to him. This is not smart thinking at all. When Hades freaks out and admits that Hercules is the only person who can stop his evil plan, Meg still never seems to pick up on the fact that Hercules would make a stronger ally for her than an enemy. This also shows her lack of intelligence, as a smarter woman would have tried to help Hercules defeat Hades rather than help Hades defeat Hercules. That being said, Meg is an excellent liar and actress as she really does sell the notion that she is an innocent, worried woman who trusts Hercules to save the poor children "caught in a rock slide". So that counts as a point towards her intelligence to pull it off, even if it is dishonorable and manipulative. After Meg starts to lighten up towards Hercules and even care about him, she impulsively antagonizes Hades, which leads to him calling on her to be more involved in destroying Hercules. Meg just doesn't seem like she has any smarts when it comes to reading people, despite her claims of "seeing right through" Hercules when she first met him. After all, she is stuck under Hades' control because she gave her soul for a man who was dying and then after her sacrifice for him, he ran off with another woman. Firstly, she clearly did not pick a good man to give her soul for, showing her lacking in judge of character. Secondly, of all people, she trusted Hades to save her man and relationship. She should've realized that the God of the Underworld would never do something for her (or anyone) out of selfless gain. Thirdly, how did she even expect to stay with her man after selling her soul to Hades to save his life to begin with? It was probably Hades who sent the other woman to tempt Meg's man away from her, so that she would be forced to immediately start working for Hades. That entire situation shows multiple signs of a lack of intelligence on her part. Later, however, when Hercules is ambushed by a ton of women, Meg is able to hide and get private access to Hercules. One of the first things that he says to her is that he "missed" her, right after he rejected tons of women who were throwing themselves at him. Despite this, Meg still chooses to help Hades manipulate this honest, honorable, good-guy who can defeat Hades rather than try to side with him. When it comes to assessing people and their motives, Meg really seems to have no intelligence. One thing that Meg seems to know how to do, is manipulate men's weakness for seduction (as shown in the picture). She tries to manipulate Hercules by making it seem as though she is seducing him but it turns out that Hercules is stronger than that. When Hercules opens up to her and says he wanted to be "exactly" like everyone else, Meg immediately labels all people as "petty and dishonest", insisting that all people really are that way. This is another sign of her lack of intelligence. She knows that she was not petty and dishonest when she gave up her soul for her man, even if it didn't work out for her. The idea that she was the only person in the entire world who wasn't petty and dishonest is ludicrous. Meg chooses to be bitter and chooses to let the wrong people in her life, while pushing out the best people. It's possible that Meg could be smarter, except that she lets her emotions cloud her judgement. Even when she realizes that she is in love with Hercules, she still doesn't go to him for help against Hades or ever try to explain her situation to him. Instead, she blows up at Hades' and antagonizes him, revealing Hercules' weakness to him and subsequently helping Hades use herself against Hercules. This was another sign of Meg's lack of intelligence. A sign towards Meg's intelligence, however, is shown when she rescues Pegasus and seeks the help of Phil, acknowledging that he is the only one who can help Hercules now. She finally looked past her own bitterness towards men, even a man (Phil) who wasn't always polite towards her, to look at the bigger picture. When Meg was hurt and Hercules regained his strength, she immediately recognized this as Hades' contract breaking. This was another point for her intelligence, rather than against it.

35. Aquata
Aquata asks Arista if she is using her sleep-mask (without her permission) and Arista responds "Nope". Then, Aquata replies (as shown in the picture) that "It's got my initial on it" as though she forgot that all of her sisters have a name that starts with "A", which Attina points out to her. This shows that she's definitely not the smartest in her group of sisters, though she's not the least smartest either.

34. Lilo
The first time we see Lilo, she is running late to her hula class because she is swimming in the ocean... after delivering a peanut butter sandwich to a fish. Giving a fish a peanut butter sandwich is completely nonsensical. Additionally, considering she was front and center in the dance and that she got the stage all wet from the water she brought in from swimming, this was definitely not a smart move. It was also silly because she thought feeding a fish tuna would be an abomination, not knowing that many fish eat other fish. Worst of all, Lilo believed that this one fish, Pudge, controlled the weather. This was definitely not smart at all. It wasn't a good idea for Lilo to go home instead of waiting for Nani to pick her up as she had been asked to do, but it was foolish for Lilo to nail her front door closed and lock Nani out just because she had a bad day. This was especially true knowing that the social worker was on his way, seeing as how Lilo didn't want to be separated from her sister and put in the care of strangers instead. That being said, it's understandable that Lilo would have such behavioral problems considering the way her older sister is raising her. When Lilo was being told what to say by Nani to the social worker, she started to say some crazy things like that her sister punished her sometimes 5x a day with bricks in a pillowcase. To make up a story that violent and abusive - if it made up as it is implied to be - is really foolish unless Lilo was trying to get her sister put in jail. When Nani took Lilo to the pet store, it was very foolish of Lilo to ask for something like a "lobster". Even though it is foolish in the long-term, it did show Lilo's intelligence the way she knew how to manipulate her sister to control situations even though she was the child. This was not a good thing for Lilo but it did show her intelligence, nonetheless. Elvis Presley was Lilo's role model but choosing his traits of dancing, playing guitar and romance to make Stitch a model citizen was not a smart idea. A dog doesn't need to be doing any of those things and especially not trying to force a romance with a human. The smartest thing that Lilo did the entire film might have been when she called Cobra Bubbles when the aliens were attacking Stitch (as shown in the picture) - even though it didn't work out the way she was hoping it would.

33. Nani
The first time we see Nani, she is trying to pick up Lilo from dance class but she's not there. Nani runs home thinking this is where Lilo has gone. While it was smart to think that Lilo went home, it was not smart of Nani to go running home and kicking that car, calling the driver a "Stupidhead" for something that wasn't even his fault and she didn't even get hurt. this was especially not smart as the driver turned out to be a worker from social services sent to assess her situation with Lilo. (Plus, name-calling is a sign of poor intelligence as well.) Later when Nani made another unintelligent decision when she tried to excuse her behavior by saying if she had known who the driver was, she would not have behaved that way. Even though it's totally understandable that Nani would be so upset that Lilo locked her out of the house, it was incredibly foolish for Nani to talk to Lilo and threaten her the way she did. This response showed that Nani was not suitable to be taking care of Lilo as a parent, especially on her own. The fact that Lilo had drawn a picture of herself like a victim all alone in a corner and posted it on the fridge showed that she needed more companionship than Nani was able to give her and it was a foolish decision to leave Lilo on her own as much as she did to begin with. Leaving the stove and leaving the house all day while Lilo was in the house was also a really unintelligent decision. Clearly Nani was putting way too much on her own plate and this was endangering herself and Lilo as well. Additionally, telling Lilo what to say to the social worker was very foolish and showed that Nani could not trust the job she was doing to raise Lilo. When Lilo was hiding from Nani, however, Nani showed some intelligence the way she outsmarted Lilo and got her to come out of her hiding place, as well as "capturing" her (as shown in the picture). The entire little fight that Nani and Lilo have after the social worker really shows that this lifestyle is taking a huge, negative toll on them both. As Lilo said, Nani makes a better sister - at this point in her life - than a mother. That being said, when Nani saw how lonely Lilo was, it was smart of her to take her to go get a dog aka man's best friend.It wasn't the perfect solution but it was definitely a smart decision. It was also smart of Nani to let Lilo feel like she was paying for her own dog when she asked to. Even though Nani probably thought she was being responsible, it wasn't very smart of her to reject David the way she did, especially since she liked him and he was so good with Lilo. He even rescued Stitch for Lilo at one point later as well as found Nani a job opening when she needed it. When Nani got fired from her job because of Stitch, it was very foolish of her to insult the place as it only hurt her chances of getting a new job. It was not smart the way Nani was constantly letting Lilo manipulate her and control the situation as the child. Seeing as how Stitch was so different, it was smart of Nani to check a dog book and research more about him. It was even a smart guess when Nani thought it could have been a koala. After all of the times that Nani left Lilo on her own to work, it was silly of Nani not to leave Lilo to apply for work. This was not a sign of Nani's intelligence as she wasn't good at deciding when she should bring Lilo and when to leave her in another's care or on her own, if she's going to anyways. When Lilo was taken away by the alien, it was very smart of Nani to go to Stitch and demand answers from him, realizing that Lilo had been right this whole time about Stitch being able to talk.

32. Adella
The first line out of Adella's mouth is "I was dreaming about a boy". This pretty much sums up her entire character. She is so obsessed with boys and romance that it's all she ever seems to think about or talk about it. She seems to know how to get a boy's attention (as shown in the picture) but it also seems to be the only thing she knows how to do. That being said, for as boy-crazy as she is, she doesn't seem to get into too much trouble so she must have some wits about her.

31. Su
We never really get to see how intelligent or unintelligent Su is, as she is usually very quiet and/or agreeable most of the time. (Although those are not great signs of intelligence.) The one area that we do get to see Su displaying any knowledge, is when it comes to food. She seems to be an expert on food and which foods go best with which spices etc (as shown in the picture). Also, when Mulan and the soldiers were fighting the bandits, it was smart of Ting-Ting and Su to help out by throwing rocks from their position above (as long as their aim was accurate). 

30. Elsa
When Elsa is just a young girl, she is told that her magic is both beautiful and dangerous and that she must learn to control it. Unfortunately, her parent's idea of controlling it was suppressing it and that's not really controlling it. While Elsa cannot be blamed for listening to her parents (especially while they were alive), it isn't very smart that she kept trying something that didn't work - concealing it (as shown in the picture). At some point Elsa had to start realizing that concealing it wasn't really working and that she needed to control it. After all, it was Anna who lost her memories, not Elsa. Since Elsa was afraid of touching anyone, it was smart the way she passed the Duke's dancing offer onto Anna, even though it wasn't very nice or respectful to Anna's desires. It was smart of Elsa to say no to Anna's request to get married to Hans but it was not smart of Elsa to refuse to hear him out as it caused the situation to escalate unnecessarily. When Elsa ran away and realized that her powers could help her escape, she adapted to the powers pretty quickly which showed her intelligence, at least for the part of the escape as well as building her own ice palace. Once Elsa saw the beauty that her powers could create, it was silly of her to still not realize that she should learn how to control her powers - especially after Anna offered to try and help her. The accident that kept Elsa living in fear occurred when they were both just small children but they were young adults now and she owed it to herself and everyone else to learn how to finally control her powers. It was also dangerous of her to use her powers to create something like the huge Snowman attack Anna as it could have killed her - which would defeat the purpose of Elsa isolating herself to save Anna to begin with. At some point, Elsa should have realized that when she tried too hard to conceal, it would often cause her powers to lash out. When she was embracing them however, she was in control. When Elsa saw that Anna's act of love for Elsa thawed her frozen heart, it was smart that Elsa finally understood that love could thaw all of the ice she had created around the kingdom. It was also smart of her to create the little personal cloud over Olaf so that he could live outside of snow/Winter.

29. Snow White
While she's not exactly seen as lacking intelligence, it's just obvious that she's not abundant in it either. Whatever intelligence she does have, seems to be overshadowed by her innocence (naivety), inexperience and/or kindness. When the prince first shows himself to Snow, she does immediately run away which is pretty smart considering she doesn't know him at all and he just "trespassed" over the wall onto the property. Luckily, he had no malicious intent, unlike the woman Snow was actually living with. It's debatable why Snow White never picked up on how much the Evil Queen hated her despite living with her. She was forced to be a servant yet she knew very well that she was indeed a princess. When the Huntsman could not bring himself to kill Snow White for the Queen, Snow was pretty confused at the situation. The Huntsman had to explain to her that the Queen was evil and jealous of Snow White, which Snow White still had trouble believing as she asked the Huntsman "But who?" was after her. Did she really know anyone else? So this was a point against her intelligence, rather than for it. Upon making friends with the forest animals, one of the first things that Snow asked was whether or not they knew of a place she could go and be safe. This was a smart move on her part. It might seem like it wasn't the smartest move for Snow to just enter the Dwarfs' house but it wasn't as unintelligent as one might think either. The animals had clearly led her there after she asked for a safe place to go and she did investigate it a bit before letting herself in. She used deductive reasoning to conclude that with all of the furniture being so small and little, and the inside unkempt, that the house must belong to children. Even though she turned out to be wrong, it doesn't make her any less smart. This was a very smart and logical process that Snow went through and it showed that she did have some intelligence. Cleaning up the house while she was already inside was a semi-smart idea. It was definitely pushy and prejudicial but again, it did make sense. On one hand, people can't live in such a mess and it would only help whoever was living there. On the other hand, if the place was vacant then it was still good for the house to get cleaned. It's just healthier and more functional, whether it was the most polite or correct choice is another discussion. The way that Snow was able to quickly delegate the chores to the animals was pretty smart as well, though I don't think it was very smart to let animals do some cleaning - but hey, it's Disney magic! Falling asleep in the dwarfs' bed was not a smart idea but it was obvious Snow had tired herself out from all of the running away from death in the woods and then cleaning an entire house. When Snow White finally did meet the dwarfs, she showed off more signs of her intelligence. She was able to correctly guess which name belonged to each dwarf (as shown in the picture) - until Happy beat her to the punch and named himself and Dopey but she did guess everyone else. While it was naive of Snow to think that the Queen could never find her, especially after being told of her black magic, it was smart of Snow to immediately offer to earn her keep - by cleaning, sewing and cooking - with the dwarfs to stay. When Snow asked the dwarfs to wash up before summer, this was somewhat smart as well as it goes back to hygiene and long-term health. She also smartly knew that they were lying when they said they had washed up, as she had correctly analyzed their types of personalities. Before Doc and the other dwarfs go to work, he specifically warns her to be wary of strangers and that the Evil Queen has witchcraft on her side so Snow should be extra careful. Bashful and Sleepy - in their own way - try to warn Snow White as well. Even Grumpy warns Snow White and says "I'm warning you, don't let nobody or nothing in the house!" Despite all of these multiple warnings, Snow White still falls for the Evil Queen's disguise as the old lady later. While Snow White is smartly making Grumpy's favorite pie - to help him be less Grumpy and more accepting towards her - she does something very unintelligent and doesn't pick up on all of the warning signs when the Evil Queen shows up in disguise. Firstly, the old lady asks if Snow is all alone but Snow never asks why does she want to know if she's alone before anything else? Secondly, she asks if the "little men" are gone but Snow doesn't ask how does she know that little men live there? Thirdly, the sweet little forest animals start attacking her right after offering her an apple but again Snow never seems to ask why the forest animals would want to attack her. Finally, after getting attacked, the old woman suddenly claims this apple is now a "magic wishing apple" yet why didn't she say that before? That being said, it should also be said that the ugly, old woman was a brilliant disguise when you take in context that the Evil Queen is known for her vanity. Even still though, there were way too many signs for Snow White to blame it all on innocence and naivety. Snow White was so much more logical before that, it's as though she stopped thinking for herself as soon as the old woman showed up.

28. Anita
The first time we get to see Anita at length, she is choosing to read a book in the park (as shown in the picture). The selection of this activity is a definite sign of her intelligence. The next time we see Anita, she is doing some paperwork and writing - though we do not know what exactly she's writing about. This is another [small] sign of her intelligence though, as vague as it is. It is not smart of Anita to keep friends with the company of Cruella De Vil, especially considering how obviously evil she has and how rude she is to Anita and Roger. When Cruella was getting too close to Pongo and it looked as though Pongo might bite Cruella, it was smart of Anita to shift the attention to Cruella's new coat to avoid that situation. As obsessed as Cruella was with fur and the puppies, it seemed a bit odd that Anita was never truly suspicious of Cruella's motives. When Anita and Roger refused to give Cruella the new puppies, Cruella promised to "get even" and make them "sorry" yet Anita didn't seem to suspect Cruella of actually doing anything. Even after the puppies went missing, she still didn't seem to share Roger's accusations of Cruella being involved. Surely Anita blamed the 2 men who came into her house and physically stole the puppies but Anita didn't ask how they knew she had puppies in her home, why they chose their home nor why the only thing they stole were the puppies - which Cruella wanted. Anita even defended Cruella's character to Roger, claiming that she wasn't a thief. Granted the Scotland Yard had cleared Cruella's name but it was still pretty silly that Anita didn't at all suspect Cruella considering all of the circumstantial evidence that pointed straight to her.

27. Mei
Even though it went against her duties and promises, it was smart of Mei to use the "free stretch time" as a way to get to know Yao more. Since she liked Yao, it was also smart of her not to make fun of him for making a couple of verbal mistakes and being kind to him instead. Since Mulan had went against her family's wishes to "follow her heart", it was very smart of Mei to ask her for advice on how she was able to discern when it was right to follow through with her duty and when it was right to follow her heart (as shown in the picture). 

26. Tinkerbell
When Tinkerbell first started helping Peter Pan look for his shadow, she got trapped in the drawer that the Shadow had been kept in. We immediately got to see Tink's improvisation and ingenuity skills and she tried different ways to get the drawer open from inside (as shown in the picture). This was a sign of Tinkerbell's intelligence as she not only tried different methods but finally did succeed in freeing herself. When Tinkerbell was told to lead Wendy and her brothers to the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell came up with a smart but very malicious plan. She flew as fast as she could ahead of Wendy- knowing she couldn't keep up - and told the Lost Boys that Pan gave directions to shoot down the "Wendy Bird". She knew the Lost Boys wouldn't know the difference and were loyal to Pan and trusted Tink as getting orders from him. Though it was mean and evil, it was a sign of Tink's intelligence nonetheless. If Peter hadn't intervened, her plan would've worked. When Pan inquired about Tink's plan, she responded with unashamed confidence and no remorse whatsoever. This was not very smart as she knew Peter liked Wendy enough not to want her killed and would only "punish" her for this action. The least she could've done was try and argue her case but she didn't. This isn't a huge point against her intelligence but more just a point worth considering. It never seemed to even cross her mind that a negative consequence could have resulted from the totality of her actions. Tinkerbell let her jealousy and emotions control her which was very unintelligent, and exactly what Captain Hook relies on later to trick her into giving up Peter Pan's secret hideout spot. Tinkerbell should never have trusted Captain Hook to not hurt Peter Pan, especially when she knew they were each other's prime enemy. When Tinkerbell finally realized just how much danger Peter Pan was really in, she used her smartness to get free from entrapment again. 

25. Tiger Lily
When we are first introduced to Tiger Lily, she is being held prisoner by Captain Hook. Even though she never says anything throughout her entire time on screen - except to yell for help just before she almost drowns, her actions do tell us a few things about her. For example, Captain Hook offers her a deal to give up Pan's secret hiding place and he will cut her loose. Essentially, Captain Hook also tells her she will die if she doesn't talk (as shown in the picture). The reason why it was smart of Tiger Lily not to speak is that Captain Hook was not worth trusting. She would have been giving up Peter Pan and his Lost Boys for nothing. We know this as later in the film, Captain Hook does pull one over on Tinkerbell, who technically should have been even less trusting of Captain Hook than Tiger Lily. This judge of character on Tiger Lily's part shows her intelligence. 

24. Wendy
While Wendy may be an expert on Peter Pan and Neverland, that doesn't necessarily translate to intelligence. When Wendy first sees that her father's shirt has a treasure map on it, she asks what her father has done, as though he would have done such a thing to his own shirt. This was quite silly as she would've known what a Neverland treasure map would have looked like and should have known her father would never have done that to his own shirt. This was not an intelligent observation on Wendy's part. In addition, Wendy is getting older but very resistant to growing up. This sign of immaturity does not bode well for her intelligence level, even though her creative story-telling does. The fact that Wendy held onto Peter Pan's shadow to lure Peter Pan back was a very smart move on Wendy's part. Even though Wendy was finally meeting Peter Pan for the first time, she didn't seem as intellectually curious as one might expect. Instead of asking a ton of questions about Neverland or why Pan was there (though she did get to this later), she went on ranting about how she got a hold of his shadow and giving so many details that didn't actually say much (as shown in the picture). Once she realized she was talking too much however, she did start to ask some reasonable questions. It was weird that Wendy started laughing when Pan said that Tink called her a "big ugly girl" until she realized that it was an insult. This was a bit slow of Wendy and not too smart. When it was time to go to Neverland, Wendy did smartly ask how they were to get there as it seemed obvious that Peter just flew in. When Wendy was first introduced to the Lost Boys, Peter Pan introduced her as a "mother" and Wendy went right along with this. This was not really a smart move as Wendy wasn't thinking at all about the long-term consequences of introducing herself as a "mother" to this group of orphaned, Lost Boys. Considering Wendy is supposed to be an expert on Peter Pan and Neverland, it is quite surprising that she didn't know about Tinkerbell (though she knew she was a Pixie) and that she didn't know how mean the mermaids were going to be to her. She definitely should have known about Tink since she seemed to be Pan's sidekick or #2 in charge (so to speak) though it's debatable whether or not she should've known how crazy jealous the mermaids were. When the mermaids were attacking Wendy, it was smart of her to grab the shell and threaten to use it as a weapon in her defense, this was good, quick-thinking on her part and it did get them to stop. Later, after saving Tiger Lily, the Indian Chief delivers "an oration in sign language". It was smart of Wendy to ask her brother - whom she knew had more knowledge of [Native American] Indians than her - what was going on. This curiosity in another culture and what was going on was a sign of her intelligence. Even though it was her jealousy of Tiger Lily that brought her there, it was smart of Wendy to realize that this kind of fun time shouldn't last forever, and that growing up was an essential next stage of life. 

23. Shanti
We don't get to see too much of Shanti in her original film, aside from luring Mowgli into the village (as shown in the picture). However, in the sequel, we get to see a little more of her character. It was smart of Shanti to be afraid of the jungle and not want the kids playing outside of the village where so many unknown predators could take advantage of them. Even though Mowgli was mad that she called attention to the adults, it was the right move and a smart one at that. She protected the children of the village. When Mowgli was grounded for the night without dinner, it was also smart of Shanti to bring him food in an effort to apologize to him and get the chance to explain herself. When Shanti thought that Mowgli had been kidnapped by Baloo, it was not very smart of her to try and pursue them herself. Shanti knew she could not defeat a bear and the smartest thing would've been to wait until the adults finished getting rid of Shere Khan and then sent them to go and rescue Mowgli - especially since it was nighttime. In addition, calling out Mowgli's name while wandering the jungle was also not a smart idea as it brought unwanted attention to herself. Once Shanti realized that Ranjan was also searching the jungle for Mowgli, it was smart of her to want to get him back to the village seeing as how he was so young. It wasn't smart of her to give into him and continue looking for Mowgli together. After Shanti finally found Mowgli, Baloo confessed that Mowgli had asked him to scare Shanti. This caused Shanti to run away without letting Mowgli explain. This was not a smart move on Shanti's part as Mowgli had just done that to her earlier and she didn't like it. Also, Shanti did not know her way home and Mowgli and Baloo could have helped get her and Ranjan back to the village if she had asked. It was not smart of Shanti to put her feelings and emotions before her and Ranjan's safety, again. That being said, it was smart of her to help Baloo distract Shere Khan the way she did so that he couldn't find Mowgli.

So what did you think about the ranking? Any surprises? Feel free to share your reaction and comments below! ❤

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