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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Most Intelligent Disney Female Countdown Part 1/3

Some Disney females are prettier than others, some are braver than others, some are sweeter, some are sassier, etc etc. These little details are what make them different. I find it fun to rank them on different quality/trait scales because it makes me look deeper at these characters and I end up learning more about them and why they are the way that they are. (This is made obvious by my many countdown lists.) So this time, I thought I would look at potential IQs.

 I have gone through and analyzed the actions of each character in her movie along with any other information I could use to try and rank them as accurately as possible. Additionally, with each icon, I tried to pick a moment that shows off the respective character's intellect (or lack thereof).

So, who are the smartest Disney females of all?

Here are my results:

38. Arista

Not surprising that she's last if you've seen The Little Mermaid 3. When you first see Arista, she has just been woken up by the governess but is still wearing the sleep mask that she inevitably went to bed in and upon waking up, says "But it's still dark out." Then the aid of the governess lifts the sleep mask off of her eyes and she realizes her mistake (as shown in the picture). This scene was meant to tell us how much intelligence she lacks. That being said, she is naturally talented [musically] when it comes to playing the horns.

37. Anastasia Tremaine

The way that Anastasia Tremaine is so overly dependent on her mother and needs her to explain most things for her, makes it pretty safe to say that Anastasia is not very sharp. All that she seems to know how to do, is to blame everyone else for her problems and physically lash out. Those are both signs of a lack of intelligence. Even though she likes to tease and make fun of Cinderella, she's never really witty about it, though she tries. She does seem slightly more observant and/or slightly less impulsive than her older sister though.

36. Aquata

Aquata asks her sister Arista if she is using her sleep-mask (without her permission) and Arista responds "Nope". Then, Aquata replies, "It's got my initial on it" as though she forgot that all of her sisters have a name that starts with "A", which Attina points out to her. This shows that she's definitely not the smartest in her group of sisters, though she's not the least smartest either.

35. Megara

Even though Meg doesn't seem to be obviously unintelligent, someone who repeatedly makes bad decision after bad decision, especially without improving their judgement and discernment skills along the way is not very intelligent. Her bad decisions not only put her in incredibly bad situations, but then her further decisions beyond that kept her in bad/worse situations. This is especially seen when she initially refuses Hercules' help when dealing with Nessus, despite the fact that she can't protect herself from Nessus and Hades certainly isn't going to protect her from Nessus either. Even though Meg says "I can handle this", she clearly can't. This introduction to Meg and her nonsensical choices was done for a reason, to show that Meg makes poor, impulsive decisions without thinking - hence why she got stuck working for Hades in the first place. It also shows that Meg has no trust for any man just because of what one man did to her. This over-generalization and extremist reaction shows a great lack of intelligence and this decision only hurts her by putting her in situations that she doesn't need to - and shouldn't - be in. In addition, Meg's bigotry against men made her act very foolish towards them as a result, which only hurt herself in the long run. Thankfully, Hercules was outstanding enough to overcome even her bad decisions and still chose her at the end of it all. Furthermore, her sexism against men also blinded her to the fact that the hero Hercules was the key to her freedom from Hades all along, something that would've helped prevent a lot of regret and heartache had she been smart enough to realize that sooner. In addition, Meg is not quite as clever and witty as she is sassy and snappy. Her remarks are more bitter and sarcastic than they are intelligent. The one thing Meg shows the most intelligence in, is manipulating people - particularly manipulating men by using her body - which doesn't take much intelligence at all (and even then, she can't tell the difference between men who are easily manipulated by that kind of temptation and men who aren't). The most positive and smartest thing Meg did was realizing that she needed to get Phil's help to save Hercules when he didn't trust her anymore.

34. Lilo

Lilo is a child but she also does and believe many foolish things even for a child (at least at her age). Poor Lilo is in such a negative, unfortunate and inappropriate situation for a child, it's hard to distinguish her socio-behavioral problems from her intellectual problems. The smartest thing that Lilo did the entire film was when she called Cobra Bubbles when the aliens were attacking Stitch - even though it didn't work out the way she was hoping it would.

33. Nani

Impulsive, aggressive, irresponsible, violent and short-sighted are all traits that Nani has, which show signs of a lack of intelligence more than having intelligence. Even though it's totally understandable that Nani would be so upset that Lilo locked her out of the house, it was incredibly foolish for Nani to talk to Lilo and threaten her the way she did. It's obvious that Nani was not suitable to be taking care of Lilo as a parent, especially on her own. Nani was so overwhelmed by this responsibility, that not only did she neglect Lilo to a large extent but she also neglected both of their safety, as shown when she left the house all day with the stove on. Nani did show some intelligence the way she outsmarted Lilo and got her to come out of her hiding place, as well as "capturing" her. As Lilo said, Nani makes a better sister - at this point in her life - than a mother. The smartest thing Nani did, was to confront Stitch when Lilo was taken away by the alien. It was very smart of Nani to go to Stitch and demand answers from him, realizing that Lilo had been right this whole time about Stitch being able to talk.

32. Adella

The first line out of Adella's mouth is "I was dreaming about a boy". This pretty much sums up her entire character. She is so obsessed with boys and romance that it's all she ever seems to think about or talk about it. She seems to know how to get a boy's attention but it also seems to be the only thing she knows how to do. That being said, for as boy-crazy as she is, she doesn't seem to get into too much trouble, so she must have some wits about her.

31. Charlotte

Charlotte only seems to have one goal in life, to be a princess, and she certainly does what she can to reach it. Unfortunately, she grew up very spoiled and without the benefit of a good mother around, so she doesn't have much to offer in the character-department. She doesn't know how to cook, so she pays Tiana to make her some "man-catching beignets" - smart in the short-term of "catching" the prince but foolish in the long-term of "keeping" the prince (unless she expects to hire Tiana as their personal chef). At the ball, she throws a tantrum when she thinks the Prince isn't coming and refuses to listen to Tiana's logic and reasoning about why the prince might not be there yet but still going to come - a clear sign of a lack of intelligence (and maturity). Unlike Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and others before her who wished through their dreams and personal goals to keep their hope alive in unfortunate situations, Charlotte actually wished on a sun that exploded millions of years ago, just because she really wanted something - and expected it to work. She wasn't the quickest in absorbing information and she didn't really understand boundaries (though part of that was due to her being raised in a spoiled manner). Lastly, the idea that she could wait for a 6 1/2 year old boy to grow up and marry to become a princess was either an incredibly tasteless joke (that would be labeled as pedophilia if the genders were reversed) or an incredibly unintelligent idea. Either way, Charlotte is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Honorary Mention: Thumbelina

Sweet, kind and terribly gullible is Thumbelina's character. She seems to be too trusting in other people, as well as too reliant on them. After she escapes from being kidnapped, she has to find her way home. She is smart enough to ask for help from others since she's not too independently resourceful but aside from that, she doesn't really show too many signs of intellect. The one sign of intellect that she does show however, is curiosity, as she wants to know why she's so small and if there could be other people like her in the world. When Cornelius takes her dancing around, it was incredibly foolish of her to blow a kiss to the toad. This is proven true when he kidnaps her as a result, later.

30. Su

We never really get to see how intelligent or unintelligent Su is, as she is usually very quiet and/or agreeable most of the time. The one area that we do get to see Su displaying any knowledge, is when it comes to food. She seems to be an expert on food and which foods go best with which spices etc. Also, when Mulan and the soldiers were fighting the bandits, it was smart of Ting-Ting and Su to help out by throwing rocks from their position above (as long as their aim was accurate).

29. Wendy

While Wendy may be an expert on Peter Pan and Neverland, that doesn't necessarily translate to intelligence. Wendy is so wrapped up in her fantasies, it's possible that it hinders her from seeing the realities in front of her. In addition, the fact that Wendy is getting older but so resistant to growing up does not bode well for her intelligence. Similar to Snow White, Wendy also seems to be naive and too trusting of others - especially when it comes to Tinkerbell. After Peter Pan saved Tiger Lily, the Indian Chief delivered "an oration in sign language" and Wendy asked her brother to translate - whom she knew had more knowledge of [Native American] Indians than her. This curiosity in another culture and what was going on was a sign of her intelligence. After spending some time in Neverland, it was smart of Wendy to realize that this kind of fun time shouldn't last forever, and that growing up was an essential next stage of life. 

28. Anita

The first time we get to see Anita at length, she is choosing to read a book in the park. The selection of this activity is a definite sign of her intelligence. The next time we see Anita, she is doing some paperwork and writing - though we do not know what exactly she's writing about. This is another [small] sign of her intelligence though, as vague as it is. It is not smart of Anita to keep friends with the company of Cruella De Vil, especially considering how rude she is to Anita and Roger. As obsessed as Cruella was with fur and the puppies, it seemed a bit odd that Anita was never truly suspicious of Cruella's motives - especially when Anita and Roger refused to give Cruella the new puppies and she promised to "get even" and make them "sorry" , even calling to ask if the people who had done it had been "caught" yet. Anita even defended Cruella's character to Roger, claiming that she wasn't a thief. This showed that as smart as Anita seemed, her discernment and judgment of character was not very intellectually-driven.

27. Mei

Even though it went against her duties and promises, it was smart of Mei to use the "free stretch time" as a way to get to know Yao more. Since she liked Yao, it was also smart of her not to make fun of him for making a couple of verbal mistakes and being kind to him instead. Since Mulan had went against her family's wishes to "follow her heart", it was very smart of Mei to ask her for advice on how she was able to discern when it was right to follow through with her duty and when it was right to follow her heart. 

26. Tiger Lily

When we are first introduced to Tiger Lily, she is being held prisoner by Captain Hook. Even though she never says anything throughout her entire time on screen - except to yell for help just before she almost drowns, her actions do tell us a few things about her. For example, Captain Hook offers her a deal to give up Pan's secret hiding place and he will cut her loose. Essentially, Captain Hook also tells her she will die if she doesn't talk. The reason why it was smart of Tiger Lily not to speak is that Captain Hook was not worth trusting. She would have been giving up Peter Pan and his Lost Boys for nothing. We know this as later in the film, Captain Hook does pull one over on Tinkerbell, who technically should have been even less trusting of Captain Hook than Tiger Lily. This good judging of character on Tiger Lily's part shows her intelligence. 

25. Merida

Merida can be as smart as she is short-sighted. She thinks her brothers are allowed to get away without much responsibility because they are boys, completely ignoring their age difference and the fact that she was running around without much responsibility herself when she was their age. In addition, Merida can also be as stubborn and immature as she is clever. She does not seem very interested in learning, and fails to see the value in wisdom. When Merida made clever decisions that moved her forward, she also tended to make equally short-sighed decisions that then set her back to where she was or even farther behind. She is very impulsive and can sometimes be too self-absorbed, ignoring some glaring signs in front of her such as when the old Witch said she had "too many unsatisfied customers". Even though Merida never had to rely on survivalist skills, it showed her intelligence and curiosity that she had learned about poisonous berries, clean water, fishing and outdoor cooking during all of her time hanging outdoors. For the most part, Merida is a clever girl who leads too much with her emotions and hinders herself from reaching her full intellectual potential.

24. Elsa

When Elsa is just a young girl, she is told that her magic is both beautiful and dangerous and that she must learn to control it. Unfortunately, her parent's idea of controlling it was suppressing it - which is not really controlling it. While Elsa cannot be blamed for listening to her parents (especially while they were alive and she's still a minor), it isn't very smart that she kept trying something that clearly didn't work - concealing it. At some point Elsa had to start realizing that "concealing it" wasn't really working and that she needed to control it. After all, it was Anna who lost her memories, not Elsa. Despite Elsa's overwhelming fears and anxieties, she is actually a pretty logical and mostly sensible person. Unfortunately, she is also very misguided - being led too often by her emotions instead of her intelligence. Once Elsa ran away and started to embrace her powers instead of neglecting them, she should have realized/remembered that her powers could be controlled. Even when she makes a logical choice, that logic is usually countered by her overreaction within the choice. A great example of this is isolating herself from Anna after the death of her parents and even after the palace incident; It was very foolish but not entirely unintelligent as there was some logic to it. Again, Elsa is very logical but also very misguided by her feelings, which hinders her from making smarter and better decisions.

23. Jasmine

Abusive, bigoted, hypocritical, impulsive, over-emotional and hostile are all traits that Jasmine has in abundance - none of which are signs of intelligence. Though she has a lot of attitude and behavioral problems, Jasmine does also have the traits of cleverness and improvisation, as well as she seems to be a "quick learner" - which are all definite signs of intelligence.

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