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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Most Romantic Song Countdown Part 2/2

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a love-themed countdown of romantic Disney songs. Most of the songs are about falling in love or waiting for love to happen. They are rated on how romantic the music, lyrics and accompanying scene from the respective Disney film are, as well as the situation surrounding the song:

8. Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
A slow, shy, building melody perfectly conveys the feel of falling in love. The lyrics poetically tell of love being never-changing and timeless. At this point, most of the inhibitions that Belle and the Beast had towards each other, are gone. They have learned to trust each other and are falling deep in love. The gorgeous, iconic ballroom with the dreamy ceiling, a grand chandelier and almost floor-to-ceiling windows displaying the starry night sky make for a very romantic setting; The perfect background to such a scene.
"True As It Can Be, Barely Even Friends Then Somebody Bends Unexpectedly"

7. Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty
The incredible talent for romantic waltz by Tchaikovsky is on full display here, perfectly conveying the sound of falling in love. This pairs well with the lyrics of a dreamy, fantastical love coming true. Aurora and Phillip have just met in this scene, but after a quick serenading, they take a chance and dance through the forest giving in to the immediate love that has captured them. An iconic and memorable waltz by the lake and through the trees makes for an unforgettably romantic background setting.
"But If I Know You, I Know What You'll Do: You'll Love Me At Once, The Way You Did Once Upon A Dream"

6. Something There - Beauty and the Beast
The music here perfectly conveys the earnestness and anxiousness of falling in love, with a melody that is sweet yet playful. The lyrics perfectly convey the transformation that love provides and the spontaneous way in which the realization hits you. At this point, Belle and the Beast are organically opening up to each other in a way they never had before, and the reason being that something more has begun to develop: a relationship of love, trust, respect and appreciation. For the first time, these two have started to play with each other, having fun, and entering into each other's worlds. The winter snow and warm fireplace make for quite a romantic setting as well.
"And Who'd Have Guessed They'd Come Together On Their Own? It's So Peculiar. Wait And See, A Few Days More: There May Be Something There That Wasn't There Before"

5. If I Never Knew You - Pocahontas
*From the Special Edition Version
The slow, somewhat dark melody here perfectly conveys how bittersweet a forbidden love can be; The tragedy it can bring as well as the miracles. The lyrics do an overwhelmingly good job of conveying how powerful love can be, and how strong it can be in the face of opposition. In this scene, Pocahontas had initially told John Smith that she wish she had never met him, and then maybe her father wouldn't be so set on killing him. He immediately rebukes this idea though, assuring Pocahontas that "he'd rather die tomorrow than live 100 years without knowing you", touching on the theme of this song. Although the background and setting is incredibly sad, it's also very moving and tender, displaying the negative implications that can accompany a forbidden love.
"If I Never Knew You, If I Never Felt This Love, I Would Have No Inkling Of How Precious Life Can Be"

4. I See The Light - Tangled
Soft, folk-like kind of music does a good job of showing the innocence of love and what an initial recognition of that love feels like. The lyrics also convey the same sentiments, showing how much things can change when one has love in their life. At this point, Rapunzel and Eugene have been on quite a journey which has required them to rely on each other. They have argued, saved each other and explored together. Most importantly though, they have started to fall in love with each other and both of them are experiencing love for the first time in their lives. Since this is their first encounter of any kind of real love, they are both anxious and afraid, but genuine and optimistic at the same time. The glowing, flying lanterns over the ocean make for a truly, undeniably romantic setting.
"And It's Warm And Real And Bright. And The World Has Somehow Shifted. All At Once Everything Looks Different, Now That I See You"

3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? - The Lion King
The amazing musical talent of Elton John is definitely on display in this most mesmerizing melody. The lyrics display the harmony that love brings, even after hardship and separation of a lost love. Simba and Nala have had chemistry since they were kids and this is the first time they have been reunited since they were kids. In this reunion, they find that no love - or chemistry - has been lost at all. In fact, it seems the long absence has only strenthened their love and chemistry. The waterfalls, open fields and jungle background settings are as romantic as they can possibly be here.
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight? The Peace The Evening Brings. The World For Once, In Perfect Harmony With All It's Living Things"

2. A Whole New World - Aladdin
The melody here does a perfect job conveying magic, splendor and wonder; Not only of the unbelievable magic carpet ride journey, but the journey of falling in love as well. The lyrics present the passion of falling in love and the roller-coaster ride emotions it can bring, and how that all gets shared in a committed relationship. Even though Jasmine might not immediately realize, or fully trust, that she knows Prince Ali, she has taken a chance because she trusts him as well as trusts herself. Aladdin, on the other hand, has been in love with Jasmine since he first laid eyes on her and finally has the chance to offer her something as incredible as she makes him feel. The around-the-world changing settings make for so many romantic locations and backgrounds: from overlooking the entire city, going through the clouds, flying past the moon, sailboats on the river, Egyptian pyramids and sphinx to the Greek temples.
"Let Me Share This Whole New World With You"

Honorary Mention: Let Me Be Your Wings - Thumbelina
The music here is very romantic and dreamy, subtle yet powerful. This is a perfect accompaniment to the lyrics which proclaim the promises of love: trust, stability, splendor, commitment and a higher standard of living. Thumbelina and Prince Cornelius have only just met a short while ago, but they are already falling in love and on their way to a happily ever after. The starry night sky, peaceful body of water and glowing pumpkin make for quite a romantic background setting.
"Heaven Is Where You Are, Stay With Me And Let Me Be Your Wings"

1. So This Is Love - Cinderella
Classic, completely romantic music sweetly complimenting the lyrics about the divinity of falling in love and the positive effect it has. This song conveys love as the greatest gift of all. The Prince and Cinderella are falling in love, as the Prince sweeps Cinderella off of her feet throughout the palace ball and outside to the privacy of the courtyard, underneath the shining stars. The combination of the ballroom, courtyard and natural night sky makes for an incredibly, classically romantic setting.

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