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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Most Romantic Song Countdown Part 1/2

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a love-themed countdown of romantic Disney songs. Most of the songs are about falling in love or waiting for love to happen. They are rated on how romantic the music, lyrics and accompanying scene from the respective Disney film are, as well as the situation surrounding the song:

17. I'm Wishing - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A sweet melody paired with optimistic lyrics about finding a love that will bring happiness and harmony. At this point, Snow White has lived a childhood of abuse and hasn't felt what it's like to be loved since her parents died. Nevertheless, she still keeps up her spirits and chooses to believe that she will fall in love with someone who will treat her with kindness and love. These wishes are expressed to the Wishing Well, a magical and quite romantic location.
I'm Wishing For The One I Love To Find Me

16. I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules

The music here is not traditionally romantic though it certainly has it's romantic elements. The same goes for the lyrics, as they convey the fear and anxiety of falling in love after being hurt in a romantic situation - and the powerlessness of falling in love when it happens. By this point, Megara has been around Hercules enough to know that he's a good guy yet she still fears making herself completely vulnerable to him, which is what love does. That being said, she can't help but falling in love with him because he is a good guy and he's fallen in love with her too. The setting is where she just had a semi-romantic date with Hercules and there are many statues and symbols of love all around her. Despite the fact that she is struggling with this love, it is still pretty romantic.
"At Least Out Loud, I Won't Say I'm In Love"
15. Someday My Prince Will Come- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The music is very simple and not as strong on the romantic side. However, the lyrics are all about trusting in love and the faith that two people in love will be reunited and find their happily ever after. By this point, Snow White is no longer dreaming of finding love but being reunited with her love as the Prince has already declared his commitment to her. This belief is expressed through a story-telling in song form, to the dwarfs that have taken Snow White in until this reunion occurs.
"Someday We'll Meet Again, And Away To His Castle We'll Go, To Be Happy Forever I Know"

Honorary Mention: Soon - Thumbelina
The music here is very dreamy and romantic, perfectly conveying the longing of romantic companionship. The lyrics are also dreamy and romantic, perfectly conveying the hope and optimism towards love and the belief that true love will find everyone to bring them a happy ending (and rainbow). At this point, Thumbelina has never met anyone who is like her and she fears that she will die alone as a result. So, she makes a plea to love, asking it not to leave her out. The storybook behind her might not make for the most traditionally romantic setting, but the fact that the story is about love and the open page about a wedding, makes it more romantic.

14. I Wonder - Sleeping Beauty
The music here is easily overshadowed by Aurora's stunning operatic voice. A light, playful melody that never takes the spotlight from the romantic lyrics of the wonders of love and whether or not everyone has a true love waiting out there for them. The only people Aurora has ever known at this point, are her aunts. Yet, through her trips in the forest, she witnesses (love) birds singing to each other and cuddling in pairs, spurring about her wonders of love. The natural forest setting makes for a romantic background as well.
"I Wonder If My Heart Keeps Singing, Will My Song Go Winging To Someone Who Will Find Me And Bring Back A Love Song To Me"

13. Love Is An Open Door - Frozen
The music here is a little more on the playful and flirty side than the romantic side, although it does have some romantic elements. The lyrics are similar, with playful, quirky lines intertwined with sweet, romantic ones. Anna and Hans met a bit earlier and have been spending all night together. Anna is so deep in puppy-love infatuation that she has no clue that Hans is faking it (and he is a really good actor). The setting here is very romantic as they explore the castle and a little around the town of Arendelle. The waterfall and cliff overlooking the port is very romantic. If the wedding proposal at the end of this scene were real, it would have made for a most romantic exclamation point.
"Life Can Be So Much More With You... Love Is An Open Door"

12. Part Of Your World Reprise - The Little Mermaid
The soft melody here brilliantly portrays the mix of timidness and yearning at the same time, just as Ariel's lyrics do as well. After watching and getting to know a bit about Eric before a storm almost kills him, Ariel has just saved Eric's life. The beauty of her voice seems to assist Eric in waking up as he experiences love at first sound. The beach is a classically romantic setting and it perfectly fits the romance in this song and scene - the place where two worlds meet.
"Just You And Me, And I Could Be Part Of Your World"

11. Kiss The Girl - The Little Mermaid
Playful, flirty, romantic music - with a few interruptions from Scuttle - do a good job setting the mood here. The lyrics are somewhat romantic here, as they encourage acting out on the feelings of love. Unfortunately, it also comes off a bit pushy and pressure and haste aren't exactly romantic elements. Even though Eric doesn't realize that Ariel is the owner of the voice he fell in love with, he does seem to have some feelings for the woman in front of him that he cannot deny. Ariel, on the other hand, has been in love with Eric and clearly cherishing this moment. The secluded boat ride is very romantic, especially with the help of the animal friends who make the setting even more romantic with their efforts.
"She Don't Got A Lot To Say But There's Something About Her. And You Don't Know Why But You're Dying To Try, You Wanna Kiss The Girl"

10. One Song - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A traditional, romantic, operatic, serenading kind of song to compliment lyrics of a stable, consistent, committed and loyal love. Although the Prince and Snow have just met, the song is very romantic and sincere along with the accompanying gesture. The Prince is surrounded by flowers while Snow is surrounded by doves (a symbol of her purity) which makes for a very romantic accompanying scene as well.
"One Song My Heart Keeps Singing Of One Love Only For You"

9. Ma Belle Evangeline - Princess And The Frog
A soft, slow, French Creole melody sets a romantic tone. The lyrics profess the adoration and persistence of love. Even though Tiana and Naveen are only together at this point through unfortunate circumstance, they have started to open up to each other and come out of their own respective shells (doing things they have never done before). The growing love between them has been persistent and sparked a true adoration for each other. The night setting here is far more romantic than an average swamp, thanks to the help of (Ray and) the starry sky, glowing lotus flowers and changing spotlight colors.
"Love Is Beautiful. Love Is Wonderful. Love Is Everything, Do You Agree? Mais Oui!"
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