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Friday, February 10, 2017

Most Romantic Gestures Countdown

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a love-themed mini-countdown of romantic gestures. These include the little romantic, sweet things that are done to show appreciation, thanks, give encouragement in hard times or show the growing of romantic feelings. These gestures are rated on how romantic the following combined factors are: the gesture itself (what they tried to do since it's the thought that counts), background setting, background music, romantic connection of the couple and the surrounding circumstances that led to the gesture.

Here is the formula for the placements:
Ranking. Gesture Event - Couple Names (Respective Disney Film)
7. David Gets Nani A Job Opportunity So She Can Keep Custody Of Lilo - Nani & David (Lilo & Stitch)
Nani is about to lose custody of Lilo, in part, because she doesn't have a job and cannot afford to keep her. (Of course, that is only 1 part of the reason.) It's a romantic gesture because David really has no incentive to do this. After all, David has strong feelings for Nani and is always trying to take her out on a date; The biggest part about why Nani never has time to go on dates with David, is because she is always too busy working and taking care of Lilo. This little action is how we know David has true, genuine, selfless feelings towards Nani. He runs to her house immediately upon finding out that a place nearby is hiring, and takes her there. It's not exactly a romantic scene specifically, there's no romantic music or setting and these two aren't even in a committed relationship (yet), but it's a very romantic gesture nonetheless. 

6. Library Gift - Belle & Adam/The Beast (Beauty And The Beast)
The Beast/Adam saved Belle's life and she returned the favor, after Belle ran away to the woods. This seems to be the first true act of kindness that he has ever experienced. (After all, everyone else he knows is a servant in the castle.) This act of kindness and care by Belle touches the Beast/Adam. He decides that, even though she was reciprocating him saving her life, he wants to do something special for Belle. He doesn't just want to give her any nice gift, he wants it to be sentimental. He wants to make sure that his gift is something that will bring Belle much happiness, something that she will treasure. He decides upon giving ownership of his entire library to Belle. As an avid-reader who has read every book in her own small town's library, so much so that she even started to re-read them, this means a lot to Belle. She doesn't take this gesture for granted, she appreciates it and thanks him graciously. This scene is just before the "Something There" scene, where they clearly begin to fall in love. The musical score in this scene is a bit romantic, as it's leading up to a more romantic scene. The library itself is gorgeous, especially as far as libraries go. This romantic gesture is one in a line of events that lead to this couple falling in love.

5. Eilonwy Tries To Make Taran Feel Better About Trading The Sword For The Cauldron - Eilonwy & Taran (The Black Cauldron)
After being imprisoned by the Horned King, escaping and venturing out on a journey to save the world, things are looking really glum. Although this group has the "weapon" to defeat the Horned King, it requires a self-sacrifice by free will - and no one is freely willing to die. On top of that, Taran traded his Magic Sword for this Black Cauldron. Doli, one of the Fair Folk, is incredibly upset at the situation but mostly seems to take it out on Taran and criticizing "humans". This leaves poor Taran feeling dejected and like he let everyone down somehow. Eilonwy is the first one to change the mood, praising and encouraging Taran for his efforts. She manages to pick up his spirits and it seems as though they may even share their first kiss - until they are interrupted by the Horned King's soldiers and captured. Although the setting, music and circumstances aren't exactly the most romantic, it actually makes the gesture that much more romantic - especially since it almost leads to their first kiss.

4. Secret Goodbye "If I Never Knew You" - Pocahontas & John Smith (Pocahontas)
John Smith has been captured for the death of Kocoum and sentenced to death. Pocahontas sneaks in to see him, with the help of Nakoma, and cries to Smith that this is all her fault and that if she had never met him, this would not have happened. John Smith replies that he'd rather know her and face death than live without ever knowing her. This is an incredibly romantic statement. The scene is bittersweet, romantic yet heartbreaking at the same time; The music is the same. Pocahontas and Smith are trapped in a forbidden love. This gesture of sneaking in to see him and talk to him is a romantic gesture though.

3. Tarzan Gets Jane Flowers - Jane & Tarzan (Tarzan)
Tarzan has just encountered people for the first time. Jane and her father are showing him a lifetime of knowledge, and Tarzan can't seem to get enough. He even stays awake going through picture slides of human life while Jane and her father are asleep. One night while doing this, he comes across a slide of a man on one knee, presenting flowers to a woman. He immediately looks at Jane and realizes he wants to do this for her. This is a beautiful, sweet, incredibly romantic gesture. He goes through the jungle, looking for different flowers and picks her a jungle flower bouquet. Unfortunately, when he gets to her, she bumps into him with her suitcase and most of his flowers break and fall off. The reason Jane has her suitcase, is because the ship needs to go and she has to leave. Tarzan presents what's left of his broken bouquet to Jane and asks her to stay but she runs away crying, saying she can't. This gesture was very romantic and even though Jane didn't have a positive reaction, it was because she did have feelings for him, not that she didn't. Staying in the jungle after being raised in high society London was a big change and she wasn't sure if she could make that - yet.

2. Traditional Flower Garlands For The Ball - Anastasia T. & Baker (Cinderella 2)
The ball is coming up and couples are getting their traditional flower-heart garlands to give each other at the ball. Anastasia Tremaine, who yearns to fall in love, is caught off guard when she smells fresh bread and is drawn into a bakery where she meets the one she will fall in love with. He is a baker and he is just as instantly smitten with her as she is with him. Unfortunately, Lady Tremaine and Drizella interrupt, disparage the baker and his bakery and pressure Anastasia to leave with them. Even though Anastasia does as she is told, Cinderella sees the entire thing and decides to step in herself, on the side of love. Cinderella helps Anastasia get ready and gives her some tips on how to be nice to the Baker so she doesn't drive him away. We see that both, Anastasia and the Baker each get the traditional flower-heart garlands in the hopes of giving them to each other. However, when Anastasia is on her way to see the Baker, she sees him asking another woman's opinion on the garland he bought. Anastasia misunderstands the situation and thinks he was giving the flower garland to this other woman, and she runs away crying. The Baker sees her though, and runs after her. When he finds her, he asks her to the ball and Anastasia realizes her mistake. This was a sweet romantic gesture by both parties, making it even more romantic. The setting of these events were somewhat romantic, more by the fountain but less in the Bakery shop. These two found love at first sight and this was a very romantic gesture that they each thought of.

1. Compliments From Forbidden Loves - Ting-Ting, Mei, Su & Ling, Yao, Chien-Po (Mulan 2)
The soldiers are guarding the princesses on their way to marry foreign princes in the name of peace. However, during this journey, it turns out that these soldiers and these princesses are each other's soul mates. After recognizing that there are feelings, these 6 sneak out to get to know each other better and see where the feelings lead. They all realize they are in love but they are caught by the leaders of their mission, Mulan and Shang. Mulan supports them but Shang does not and he is the top of the chain. He forbids the soldiers from talking to the princesses as they are to be married to others. This has the 6 newly found loves in sadness. Suddenly, the soldiers think of a loophole and they pretend to talk to each other while really speaking to the princesses. They tell each other that if they could talk to the princesses, here's what they'd say. This tactic works and the compliments pick up the spirits of the princesses, as well as the soldiers themselves. The setting and music aren't too romantic, but the gesture was just the opposite. Not only did this romantic gesture help the princesses feel better, but it told the romantic feelings of the soldiers as well.

"I sure wish we could talk to the princess." "What? You know we can't." "Yes, I also wish we could talk to them. But as you know, orders is orders." "Yes, but if I could talk to them, do you know what I would say?" "No, what would you say, if only you could?"
"I'd tell Ting-Ting that she's the prettiest, funniest, most extraordinary girl I've ever met!"
"I would tell Princess Su that she is like fresh ginger on the rice bowl of my life!"
"And I would tell Mei that she's one right babe!"

I hope you enjoyed this mini countdown!

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