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Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Favorite Disney "Couple" Dance Sequence Countdown Part 1/2

So I really, really, really love the Disney Princess dance sequences, particularly with the waltz, as I find it to be so sweepingly romantic! The animation of the dance, the way the dress twirls with the women, the romantic and powerful score in the background, the gorgeous scenery in the background and the usually gorgeous dress worn by the princess... I love everything about these sequences! That's not to mention the show of romantic love developing. I am very much an old soul so I really love the process of "courting" which often included the man taking the woman out to dance or dancing with her at some point before they've ever even kissed or held hands. Also, I love dancing (especially ballet and contemporary). So I thought it would be fun to share my ranking of all of the little dance sequences in Disney Princess films. I hope you guys enjoy it and I'd love to hear your comments!:

In case you didn't catch it: romantic qualities, the way the dress/outfit moves with the dance, the scenery behind the dance, the scene that encompasses the dance, the kind of dance, music behind the dance and dance moves (like twirls, spins and lifts) are all factors in which this countdown is rated on!

14 Charlotte & "Naveen": I thought this dance was really boring. I'm sorry to Charlotte-lovers but I really don't appreciate her spoiled brat, ungrateful, gold-digging, aggressive personality. I know, I know, she has some good traits too like she is loyal, considerate, empathetic and kind. Unfortunately it's her bad side that's highlighted in this dance and not her good side. I could feel her aggressive nature during the whole dance. The way she points at the prince to Tiana really kills it for me because she wasn't genuinely falling for him. Additionally, I don't like the close-up on the waltz because I like to see the entire dress when spins and turns are done.

13. Jane Porter & Tarzan: For the very few seconds that this is on screen, it leaves quite an impact. It's very romantic as the characters are falling in love despite Tarzan's lack of dancing knowledge and somewhat goofy-looking attempts. It's lovely that it doesn't matter to Jane how technically sound the dance is, but rather she just enjoys the attempt with Tarzan. Not much scenery as it occurs within the tent as the slideshow is occurring but a cute scene nonetheless with very talented music in the background.

12. Rapunzel & Eugene: I actually really love the "Kingdom Dance" scene in Tangled but I was disappointed that Rapunzel & Eugene never danced together. They participated in the group dance but they kept getting pulled away from each other to dance with others, only to finally get "paired up" just as the dance ends... Shame.

11. Tiger Lily & Peter Pan: Although technically not much of a couple dance since Tiger Lily does the majority of dancing, I thought it was worth mentioning (plus it beat last place). I think this dance is somewhat romantic considering that Tiger Lily and Peter Pan seem to have feelings for each other as well as what seems to be a little bond. Not a gown dress, I still like the way Tiger Lily's dress moves with her dance. I think the setting of the Indian Village here is actually quite nice. Although the scene has some questionable cultural terms and phrases etc, I do think it's a fun scene overall. (And people should also remember that [a] Neverland is a direct embodiment of the children's imagination, not meant to be entirely accurate but more fantastical; and [b] Watch any cartoons from the 1950's or before and you will see that they all are not quite as "innocent" and/or wholly "inoffensive" as one might presume them to be.)

10. Snow White & Dwarfs: Also technically not a couple dance but again - beats last place so I thought it was worth mentioning! While this dance is not romantic - nor meant to be - I think it's a fun dance that could work in a romantic or friendly sense [though in this scene, between Snow and the dwarves, it's obviously just friendly]. Snow White's dress looks lovely during the dance and they modeled her movements after a real dancer, which explains why it looks so flawless! In the humble cottage, the scenery isn't much but the scene is a fun and uplifting scene that bonds Snow White with the Dwarves in a really friendly and positive way. I also think the "Silly Song" tune is pretty catchy, albeit not one of my favorites.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite dance sequence? Feel free to share your favorite dance scenes and/or reactions to my ranking!

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