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Monday, December 7, 2015

My Favorite Disney "Couple" Dance Sequence Countdown Part 2/2

So I really, really, really love the Disney Princess dance sequences, particularly with the waltz, as I find it to be so sweepingly romantic! The animation of the dance, the way the dress twirls with the women, the romantic and powerful score in the background, the gorgeous scenery in the background and the usually gorgeous dress worn by the princess... I love everything about these sequences! That's not to mention the show of romantic love developing. I am very much an old soul so I really love the process of "courting" which often included the man taking the woman out to dance or dancing with her at some point before they've ever even kissed or held hands. Also, I love dancing (especially ballet and contemporary). So I thought it would be fun to share my ranking of all of the little dance sequences in Disney Princess films. I hope you guys enjoy it and I'd love to hear your comments!:

In case you didn't catch it: romantic qualities, the way the dress/outfit moves with the dance, the scenery behind the dance, the scene that encompasses the dance, the kind of dance, music behind the dance and dance moves (like twirls, spins and lifts) are all factors in which this countdown is rated on!

9. Anna & Hans: One of the shortest dance scenes but gorgeously animated nonetheless. I love to see the twirl of the dress as well as the partner spins, I think it's so beautiful. The "Winter Waltz" is one of my favorite scores from a Disney princess film. I love the sweeping and gorgeous feel of it. It's a shame that Hans isn't really falling in love because not knowing that the first time you see this dance, it comes off much more romantic than it actually is.

8. Tiana & Naveen as Frogs: An incredibly romantic scene for this film. Tiana and Naveen seem to be genuinely falling in love at this point and it is really amazing how Tiana allows herself to be vulnerable and let Naveen teach her how to dance. It is also sweet how Naveen has confidence in his dancing and wants to share it with Tiana - as well as teach her something in return for her teaching him how to mince. Even though they are frogs, the scenery with the glowing water lillies is very gorgeous. This "cajun waltz" makes for a very cute scene of bonding between the two characters, if only he hadn't promised himself for Charlotte by this point - and they weren't frogs.

7. Tiana & Naveen as Humans: Short, simple, sweet. More along the jazz/swing style but still a really cute scene, in my opinion. (And I absolutely adore swing dancing and wish it would make a comeback!) I love how Naveen catches Tiana and spins her around. I also love how they dance their way from the balcony to the rooftop under the stars. Very beautiful scene and nice, upbeat little song. Romantic yet upbeat ending.

6. Belle & Adam: First of all, yes, this sequence is an exact copy Phillip & Aurora in Royal Court since the animators didn't have time to construct a new one for Belle & Adam in Ballroom. That being said, I still like it in it's own way because I LOVE seeing Belle dance with her human prince instead of the Beast. I love the way Adam picks Belle up and as he twirls her around, they magically change into the ballroom outfits and proceed to dance. I also love the subtle change that this time, he leads her into the dance now that she has already taught him. This scene is so beautiful and I love watching the two twirl away into the happy ending they both were searching for. I also love the way Belle holds her dress in this, as Aurora holds hers as well. I love watching the camera zoom out as they twirl around the ballroom, very beautiful. Also, I think the ballroom is slightly more stunning than Aurora's Royal Court. (Beautiful windows to see the sky and colors outside!)

5. Aurora & Phillip In Royal Court: I LOVE the score to this scene, "Awakening"! (Top 5 DP scores!) I love how in love Aurora's eyes look while she is dancing with Phillip, never looking away. Although Phillip never spins Aurora on her own, they make gliding across the floor look so gorgeous and romantic! I also love how Flora and Merryweather continue their magical fight throughout the dance so we see Aurora's dress not only change from blue to pink magically, but various shades within the blue and pink range. It's also so enchanting the way the ballroom turns into the clouds and I absolutely adore the storybook "Happily Ever After" ending. It's also always nice to see the waltz end with a "true love kiss".

4. Ariel & Eric: I absolutely adore the score "Tour of the Kingdom" that plays during this dance! (Top 10 DP Scores!) I love the way it captures the feel and excitement of Ariel without losing the elegance and beauty of their time and especially, dance together. The way the music picks up just as they start dancing is so moving... I love the way Eric spins Ariel, dips her and even lifts her! (Which gets me every time!) He gave her the full dancing experience. It is so romantic and it's the scene where they really start falling in love and it's so beautiful to watch. Short but astounding. Ariel's face when Eric lifts her really shows the joy and positivity in this scene. Unfortunately, with a pressure for a forced kiss going on in the background, it takes away a bit from this scene which is partly why this isn't higher on my countdown (plus it's way too short!). ❤

3. Belle & Beast: Iconic movie, dress, song and scene: It's all there! I love this scene a little more than I love the dance sequence though. It melts my heart when Belle initiates the dance with the Beast, pulling him from the dinner table and into the ballroom, then "teaching" him to dance. My favorite part is when the camera pans down from the ceiling and you see the Beast spin Belle out just before he glides her around the room and then she lays her head into his chest to his surprise. So romantic and heartwarming! I especially love the ending with all of the stars as backdrop behind the enormous and gorgeous ballroom. Beautiful scene. ❤

Honorary Non-Disney Mention - Anastasia & Dimitri: Not a Disney movie but one of my absolute favorites growing up so I had to include this for those who were familiar. I love this scene! Anastasia and Dimitri are clearly falling in love at this point but have only expressed witty banter and aggressive flirting until now. This is the first scene where they are really gentle and fragile with each other, Anastasia lets Dimitri lead her in the dance and Dimitri allows Anastasia to steal his heart. The simple blue dress Anastasia wears, twirls gracefully and beautifully along with her as he twirls her around the boat. Although the scenery isn't too romantic due to the colors and setting, the scene is still really lovely and mesmerizing - and the dancing animation here is pretty exquisite! ❤❤

2. Aurora & Phillip in Forest: This scene is absolutely mesmerizing to me! I love dancing, I love the forest, I love classical music and I love Tchaikovsky! The part where the lake(?) meets the forest and reflects their dance beneath them is so breathtaking and iconic! I also love the slow twirls for a mesmerizing effect. It is so scenic to see the dance mirrored in the forest and in the water. This dreamy sequence is done in a most enchanting way... ❤❤

1. Cinderella & Prince Charming: "So This Is Love.. so this is what makes life divine.. I'm all aglow and now I know the key to all heaven is mine." As a little girl and a married woman now, this scene always makes me gush! It's so stunning and romantic to watch Cinderella and her prince falling in love! The way the waltz starts, the lights dim and they are literally the only 2 people on the dance floor (like they are the only 2 people who exist) is so romantic! Even more romantic, is how they dance off away from the crowd as the curtain is pulled [and on Lady Tremaine nonetheless] so they can also dance off through the courtyard and beneath the stars! Such absolutely gorgeous and stunning scenery! A classic for a reason! ❤❤❤

Honorary Non-Disney Mention - Thumbelina & Cornelius Outside: Not a Disney movie but I grew up in love with this film and absolutely adoring it to death as though it were one. This is the absolute most romantic dance scene I have ever seen in any animated film, Disney or non-Disney. The song is so romantic and beautiful, with the perfect dreamy feel to it. The scenery is stunning! Dancing along the water, even dancing right atop the water in an impossible manner; dancing atop and around a pumpkin in a vineyard, creating a magical ring around it; dancing right through flowers and in front of the stars! It's just gorgeous and mesmerizing and always stood out to me in the most positively impacting manner! I love how the dance takes on a bit of ballet style, making it that much more epic, stunning and graceful! This song is one of the absolute most beautiful songs I've ever heard in any animated film, leaving a very long-lasting impression. The two characters are falling in love while performing a dance piece that is actually telling their love story in the most incredible way. Prince Cornelius lifts, spins and twirls Thumbelina several times throughout as her dress flows with the movement of the dance as well as the wind, which only compliments their dance rather than hindering it. This is the perfect animated couples dance scene of all time to me! ❤❤❤

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite dance sequence? Feel free to share your favorite dance scenes and/or reactions to my ranking!

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