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Monday, April 18, 2016

Favorite Disney Princess Scores Countdown (Top 20)

I love Disney music and I really love the scores too, not just the songs. The scores have all of the "magic Disney" feel that I absolutely adore. I love how they can provide a blend of the different songs from it's respective films as well as stir up all of the emotions and/or memories from it's respective scene(s). For those reasons, this type of list is much harder to do than a songs countdown, so I limited this just to the Disney princess films (+ Hercules & Frozen) to make it less tough. At some point, I might try to make an overall Disney score countdown but I can't make any promises right now. As I have mentioned before, I cannot get enough from the musical team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (RIP) so you will definitely see the reflection of that in this countdown. Additionally, I really like and listen to classical music from time to time so you will most likely see the reflection of my favorite classical composers as well. (Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Saint-Saens, Chopin, Wagner, Vivaldi, etc.)

20. Fireworks- The Little Mermaid: I think this perfectly captures the "awe" that Ariel feels when she first notices the ship as well as compliments the splendor of the fireworks.

19. River's Edge- Pocahontas: I love how soft this track is and I love the blending of "Virginia Company" with the more natural instruments to show the collision (and foreshadowing the unity) between Pocahontas and John Smith. Such a beautifully done track.

18. Grandmother Willow- Pocahontas: I have always found this track to be so peaceful and relaxing. Absolutely perfect for stretching or meditating etc. It has such a great natural feel to it with a touch of mystery and splendor that I think fits the introduction of Grandmother Willow absolutely beautifully. I always listen to it as an intro to "Listen With Your Heart" as well because it works perfectly that way.

17. Jig- The Little Mermaid: Normally I'm not a big fan of this type of music but it's so fitting for the scene, so pleasant and memorable. I love how it's slightly lively and upbeat yet slow enough to capture the feel of Ariel slowly falling for Eric as she watches him interact with Max on the ship. It also perfectly captures Eric's laid-back yet royal/noble personality. I think it's so sweet and endearing with some cute playfulness, just like the scene it plays in.

16. Overture- Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs: This track perfectly captures the feel of Disney magic to me, and it should being that it's 100% Walt Disney-approved! I love the medley of "One Song" into "Someday My Prince Will Come" . I find it to be so sweeping, romantic and just overall grand. A truly classic and timeless piece that I always associate with all of the spectacular feel of "Disney magic".

15. Coronation Day- Frozen: I think this does a wonderful job at capturing both the eagerness of Anna as well as the anxiety of Elsa and blends them beautifully. Although it is played just before the coronation, it still gives a great intro to the feel of both characters.

14. Maleficent's Frustration- Sleeping Beauty: One of the all-time greatest Disney villain designs ever, in my opinion, but certainly the best villainous score. This track fits Maleficent perfectly: incredibly creeping and haunting without the slightest bit of corny. Her dark and mysterious character is embodied in this track, as well as the suspicious vibe all around her (as though you never know her next move but you do know to dread it).

13. Pocahontas- Pocahontas: I really love how this track perfectly captures the many aspects of Pocahontas' personality. From her quiet and deep contemplative nature to her energetic spirituality to her bold daring nature to her sneaky bit of "prankster" nature to her subtle beauty; She is completely covered in this track. I always think of her on top of the cliff, surrounded and embraced by nature and her mother's spirit whenever I hear this.

12. Awakening- Sleeping Beauty: I adore the slow build up in this track, so fitting of Aurora softly and gracefully awakening from her sleep/curse. I love the medley of the fairies (blue or pink) to "hail to the princess Aurora" to the grand trumpet announcement and into the sweet-sounding medieval melody. I think this perfectly conveys the soft and feminine as well as majestic and graceful qualities of Aurora, such a true princess. It was also very fitting of the reuniting of Aurora with her parents, King Stefan and Queen Leah. A perfect score for a perfect princess!

11. West Wing- Beauty and the Beast: I love how this track captures the enticement of Belle's curiosity as well as the mystery of the west wing itself. It's a bit dark and haunting but absolutely beautiful. I also think it portrays how fragile the beast is behind his image as well as how enchanted he is. The track has an overall "enchanted" feel but you can even tell which part Belle discovers the "enchanted rose" at. This is track is completely memorable and epic to me, especially with the wolf attack and beast's heroism in the finale.

10. Skirmish- Pocahontas: I love how it starts with a soft hint of the "spinning arrow" music into "If I Never Knew You" and then picks up to greatly show the clash of love and hate (jealousy) so poetically. It perfectly captures the peak of love in the kiss between Pocahontas and Smith as well as the peak of hate in Kocoum's immediate subsequent attack on Smith. Pure poetry, this track is incredibly powerful.

9. Winter's Waltz- Frozen: So sweeping, peaceful and beautiful! This track has the feel of snowflakes of falling onto a gorgeous Winter Wonderland. I know Anna and Hans are dancing during this tune but it is still a romantic score nonetheless. Very elegant, romantic, sweeping and I love it! It makes me want to waltz around...

8. The Kiss- Aladdin: I love how soft, sweet, simple and romantic this track is. I think it perfectly captures the feel of a "fresh new love" blossoming. I also think it does a wonderful job at capturing the tenderness, shyness and excitement of a "first kiss". Very beautiful and content feel overall. I also love the way it combines and transitions from the vulnerable elements from Aladdin's reprise of "One Jump Ahead" with the feelings of belonging, being in love and exploring in "A Whole New World".

7. Meg's Garden - Hercules: This beautiful melody starts off with the sound (and sight) of a shooting star, which sets the perfect pace. It captures the vulnerability of Meg, which she is trying so desperately to hide, but it also captures the subtle hope and longing that Meg also feels - and how she just wants to be loved in return the same way she gives love. There's even a moment in the middle that feels like a revelation, and then it transitions to a softer climax that conveys an accepting that love truly is beautiful and empowering, despite Meg's negative history with the subject. This track really captures the fear as well as the excitement a girl can have about a new crush, perfectly.

6. Tour of the Kingdom- The Little Mermaid: I absolutely adore the elegant feel of this track! I think it perfectly captures the tingling excitement that Ariel is finally experiencing for the first time. I especially love the part where Eric lifts Ariel while they are dancing in the accompanying scene. I think this track does such a beautiful job showing off Ariel's feminine and romantic spontaneity as well as her newly found contentment. This lovely track has always stood out to me since the first time I saw the film. Great use of the horns.

5. The Beast Lets Belle Go- Beauty and the Beast: It starts off with what feels like remnants of "Beauty and the Beast" and it perfectly conveys the conflict within the beast. He loves Belle in a way that he has never experienced love before and just as he is realizing this, he also realizes that he must let her go because of the fact that he loves her. The music perfectly captures his emotional pain with this decision. It is so sad and heartbreaking yet bittersweet because his sacrifice is an act of true love. Such a powerful and emotional track to fit a powerful and emotional scene. (I can hardly stand it, it's so powerful!)

4. Magical House Cleaning/Blue or Pink- Sleeping Beauty: I have always loved this bouncy, feminine and optimistic melody! This track has always stood out to me as capturing the "Disney magic" feel that I love. To me, this track feels a lot like Disneyland/world itself. I love the magical "fight" scene this accompanies and I love the finale musically! This track makes me want to skip around happily and get things done, perfect blend of energy and optimism. Perfect "Disney" feel. This score always makes me think of magic and the fun of magic! (I always wished I could clean, bake and sew the way the fairies do in this scene!)

3. Transformation- Beauty and the Beast: Incredibly touching symphonic piece to melt the heart. It is just so beautiful and powerful. I love how it conveys all of the magical feel of the spell breaking and the transforming of the beast back to his human form. In the scene, magic seems to come down with the rain and the track captures that feel perfectly. I think it's very epic and it captures the entire ending arc of the film, beautifully. From the sadness of the beast dying to the splendor of the magic changing everything around to the romantic grand celebration at the end, this score fits it all in wonderfully. (You can even tell which part Chip makes his little joke/question and Maurice & Mrs. Potts have a chuckle.) Additionally, I think the fact that it ends with notes and the choir from "Beauty and the Beast" gives it the perfectly sweet and romantic ending it deserves.

2. Main Titles- The Little Mermaid: It's not just nostalgia with this one, it's a genuine, timeless and classic piece to me. Talk about absolute perfection to hook people in! I find that this track is perfect at capturing all of the magic and splendor of seeing Atlantica for the first time, as well as the mermaids within it. I am not the least bit surprised that this was the film that triggered Disney's Renaissance period. Everything about this track is grand, captivating and epic to me. Of course, I also really love the incorporation of "Part of That World" in it, which only assists in making it such a grand piece. I don't mind the subtle vocalizing towards the end either. An epic, splendid and absolutely captivating track that is completely fitting of the splendor of introducing the audience to the magic beneath the sea. Timeless classic to me.

1. Execution- Pocahontas: The most beautiful and symphonic track of all, in my opinion. Whenever I hear this, I almost feel like I can actually feel the wind embracing and dancing around me because of how well done this track is. I can't get over the harmonious blend of "Colors of the Wind" and "If I Never Knew You"... I think this track is done so beautifully that it's even better than both of the songs it incorporates and I love both of those songs! Just an absolutely gorgeous and captivating score that overwhelms in the best possible way. It shows off Pocahontas' virtue, strength and enlightenment, all at the same time; A very suitable track for the accompanying scene it plays in, delivering the exact message it means to.

So there you have it! My top 20 favorite DP Scores. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts below! :D

Monday, April 11, 2016

What The Disney Princesses Mean To Me

Hey everyone! I absolutely love the Disney Princesses so it's really hard for me to rank them as I feel like the rankings don't properly convey my love for them in relation to each other. :) Additionally, it seems to me like each Disney Princess inspires qualities or traits in every subsequent Disney Princess which makes it even harder for me as I see so many connections. There are things I love and don't love about each Disney Princess but they each have a special place. So instead of racking my brain to come up with a Favorite Ranking article, (for now at least) I thought it would be nice to just share some positive things I love about them each instead! I hope you guys enjoy the read and I would love to hear your opinions as well! :D

Snow White: The Optimistic, Pioneer Princess
She is the one who started it all. Snow White showed me that a little bit of optimism, compassion for others and inner strength can go a long way. She also taught me that just because you might be afraid or feel fragile at times, it doesn't define who you are. When Snow White encountered the dwarves and made the deal to hide there, she immediately became the leader. While she had traditional aspects of femininity (beauty, grace, compassion, hope and optimism), she was by no means a doormat. Firm and outspoken while gracious and respectful, she stood her ground when dealing with the dwarves and ensured they do the proper things. When Grumpy was just that, Snow White didn't give up on him or return the favor. Instead, she baked him a pie and tried to win him over with kindness. In the end, she did win Grumpy over as he fought the Evil Queen for her along with the other 6 dwarves. Although her optimism and compassion for humanity was manipulated to her downfall, I think her character helped young girls to be stronger, kinder and happier, no matter what negative things life throws at them and I think that is one heck of a positive role model. <3

Cinderella: The Courageous, Every Girl Princess
Although Snow White was forced to be a maid in her own castle, she was born a princess and her success made tons of little girls want to be a princess. Cinderella was the princess that showed me that one doesn't have to be born a princess, to be a princess. [As the club motto here says, "Every girl deserves a fairy tale ending." Cinderella had all of the characteristics that had become associated with being a princess thanks to Snow White (resilient, optimistic, compassionate) but she was a bit easier to relate to since she started off as a normal girl. She taught me to never give up on my dreams and that it doesn't matter what status in life we are born into, all that matters is how willing we are to make our dreams come true. As they say, "where there is a will, there is a way". Cinderella never gave up on her dreams, even at the end while she was locked in the tower, it was she who thought of getting Bruno, the dog, to stop Lucifer, the cat, from keeping Jaq and Gus (the mice) from freeing her. If Cinderella had just given up, she may have very well spent the rest of her life slaving in her home. I think that's super awesome and a great message! <3

Aurora: The Graceful, Super Feminine Princess
While Aurora shared the traditional aspects of femininity (beauty, grace, compassion, hope and optimism) that Snow White and Cinderella had, she doesn't seem to have the same "girl power, resilience-to-take-on-anything-thrown-at-her" traits but that's one of the things I love about her. She is the princess that showed me that not all girls can or have to be super strong. Sometimes life sucks and we don't get what we want, we don't let it break us but we don't have to be super-woman about it either. Aurora had to let it out twice, crying about Phillip, and we aren't sure what would've happened next if she had not immediately been put under the spell upon arriving at her castle. Aurora is beautiful, outstandingly graceful, gracious, compassionate, optimistic and a hopeless romantic. She showed me that not every girl is the same but that doesn't always mean better or lesser than, it just means different. We don't have to be able to handle it all, we only need to respect others and stay positive. <3

Ariel: The Inquisitive, Curious Princess
While the previous princesses focused on ability and character, Ariel was the first princess with focus on her mind and expanding it. WOW! How inspirational is that? Super<3 I adore how Ariel wanted to know something like "what's a fire and why does it burn"? That is such a scientific and philosophical question! Ironic that the commonly hailed "Typical Teenager" princess would be the one to get the most "Socrates" but I love it! I love Ariel's thirst for knowledge and I think it was so wonderful to have a princess with such a unique and inspiring character! While most of the mer-people had fear from the history of their relations with the human people, I think it was very interesting how Ariel wanted to understand them. Instead of choosing fear, she chose knowledge. Ariel showed me that we can achieve more through knowledge than we can through fear and that curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. As long as we are willing to accept the risks along with the opportunities, exploration can be a wonderful thing. <3

Belle: The Adventurous, Misunderstood Princess
Although Ariel was looking for adventure too, her search seemed a bit more of an educational exploration. Belle on the other hand, just seemed to want to see the world and travel. As a big fan of travelling, I find this to be so awesome and encouraging! I love how Belle wanted "adventure in the great wide somewhere" and visit "far off places" and just see what the world had to offer. Very similar to Ariel, Belle was very open-minded and ambitious. Before Belle, most of the princesses had been separated from their families - except Ariel who just couldn't get away from her own quick enough (just kidding!) - so it was nice to see Belle's loyalty to her father. A strong parent-child relationship is such a beautiful, unconditional love and I love how although Belle wanted to travel the world, she was loyal to her father and thought of him before herself. I don't agree with all of her decisions regarding this but I do respect her for it. She also showed me that while some stereotypes can be true (The Babettes, Le Fou, Lumiere), some stereotypes are totally not (Gaston, The Beast, Belle herself) and some stereotypes change over time so it's important to take everyone on their own merits. That is such a beautiful life lesson. <3

Jasmine: The Outspoken, Independent Princess
Although at times she definitely took it too far, Jasmine was the first princess who really just spoke her unfiltered mind, for better or worse. While she may have seemed a bit abrasive, she proved that there is more than meets the eye as Belle and Ariel also did before her. Where Jasmine was strong in her attitude and letting her opinions be known, she was equally strong in love and compassion towards those she deemed worthy. Unlike the original princesses who were open to giving others a chance, Jasmine was the first princess who needed others to give her a chance too. Not quite as openly charming as her predecessors, Jasmine could be charming when she wanted to be. She showed me that some of us have a hard protective shell, for good reason, to protect us from repeating negative experiences but that barriers don't have to stay up forever, we just need to find the right person to help us break it down. Often times life isn't always fair and some people get stuck relying primarily on themselves and then develop an anti-social, isolationist "I only rely on myself" attitude and we forget what it's like to have people who love, trust and depend on us. I see Jasmine as being over-sheltered in multiple ways because she never left the palace and she never seemed to have someone to really get to talk to. This really makes me think she largely raised herself in most ways. Clearly Jasmine had at least been relying on herself, becoming a quick learner, and she showed me that we don't have to let our flaws outweigh our unique gifts. That while we need to protect ourselves and handle a certain level of independence, love doesn't take away from that and it can bring about the best in ourselves. (She never looked happier in the film than after being in love.) Jasmine was clever, confident and compassionate. Her character was very unique and she showed that someone's heart can be in the right place, even if it doesn't always come off or seem that way. <3

Pocahontas: The Wise, Mature Princess
Retaining the free-spirited nature of Ariel to Jasmine and the feminine qualities of the classics, Pocahontas has a very unique balance that has always made her stand out to me. I love how she can completely indulge in her own recreational activities yet maintains such a positive and mature outlook on life. She intuitively knows her dream means something but she's very smart and discerning about trying to understand it, careful not to jump to conclusions and keep her options open. She was different than everyone else she knew, much like Ariel and Belle, but she also tried very hard to understand those around her and help them understand her. This really stood out to me. As a child, I saw Nakoma telling Kocoum about Pocahontas leaving and I couldn't help but blame Nakoma for his death later. When Pocahontas said no, and took responsibility for her own actions and her own role in the situation, it really stood out to me and taught me a lot about a person's character and accountability. She showed me that we're going to make mistakes and that's okay but we need to be able to acknowledge our mistakes in order to learn from them and not repeat them. This is such an important lesson in life to me and it has always stood out. I also love how she stood in the middle, showing how both sides in their own extremities were wrong and her balanced position in the middle was the best. She was able to be her own unique individual self while still finding a balance that was able to bring diverse groups together and I think that was entirely powerful. <3

Mulan: The Altruistic, Balanced Princess
Although I think the strongest argument could go to Belle or Pocahontas for being balanced, I think Mulan was the first to put so much emphasis on it in so many ways. Mulan was one of the most "normal" girl or least "traditional" type of princesses so far. She was beautiful but not in an outstanding way, a bit clumsy and much more realist or pessimist than necessarily optimist unlike most of the princesses before her as well as she was not as free-spirited and outspoken as the other 'Revival' princesses. She was, however, incredibly compassionate, courageous, intelligent and selfless. She was lost at a crossroads, trying to figure out a path in life. I love how she was always thinking about others and trying to do what she could for them. Her obliviousness to her own abilities was somewhat enduring as it really showed in her humility. While she thought that she wasn't going to bring honor to her family because she was a bit behind the curve, she ended up pulling ahead later and bringing her family an ultimate honor. Mulan showed me about patience and determination coming hand in hand and that in being true to oneself, they will be able to find their path. In the end, it was Mulan's altruistic nature that she never wavered from that elevated her to heroic status and it was her balanced nature that kept her centered and able to find her path (and happy ending) after all. <3

Tiana: The Practical, Ambitious Princess
Keeping along the morals of balance, Tiana really showed a modern struggle for balance that is somewhat (relatively) new for women: work and home lives. I think Tiana really shows an amalgam of lessons from previous princesses for new audiences, and I don't say this as any insult or criticism nor to say that she has nothing unique to her. Tiana's heart and intent were in the right place (like Jasmine) but she let her obsessions get the best of her and lose sight of reality. Like Pocahontas, she wanted to bring people together and she was willing to put in the work like Snow White. Like Mulan, she was also trying to find a balance to her life, although at times she didn't realize it. I love how honest and practical she was as she never expected more than she was willing to put in and she also was willing to recognize that not everything in life is fair but that doesn't mean she can't reach her own dreams and push past the obstacles. She believed in having dreams but she also believed that "you've got to make them happen, it all depends on you". I think this was very inspiring, especially with our current victimization culture in America. Tiana didn't roll over and play victim, she was stronger than that and she fought really hard not to be a victim. Unfortunately, she did take this too far and she showed how important it was to not only think practically about oneself but about others as well. She didn't think practically when it came to Naveen at first but eventually, she learned to loosen up and accept that it's practical to make some mistakes or have some flaws. Tiana showed me that as long as we are willing to work on ourselves as we are willing to work on things outside of ourselves, we can find a nice happy balance and figure out our priorities in life. <3

Rapunzel: The Artistic, Inspiring Princess
Another amalgam princess, I think Rapunzel embodies a lot of the best qualities of the past princesses mixed with the worst situations. Aside from that though, I love her artistic and just overall open-minded nature as I think it was very positively inspiring. I thought it was a lovely unique twist that Rapunzel's being locked up in the tower didn't necessarily lead to her being a maid but rather having all of this free time to which she used to explore her talents and capabilities (as best she could). The opening "When Will My Life Begin" song was a nice eclectic range of activities that I think were neat to see a Disney Princess do. I love Rapunzel's artistic niche and it being a part of the line up overall. Rapunzel is such an interesting character to me because while I love her mixture of Classic + Revival, I often feel like something is just missing or perhaps there is just too much to sort. Either way, I love Rapunzel's resiliency, endless optimism, intellectual curiosity, open-minded nature and unique artistic ability. <3

Merida: The Resourceful, Confident Princess
Although Merida's film is titled "Brave", I find this to be a bit unfair to the previous Disney Princesses as I think they were all pretty brave in their own ways and that furthermore, Merida was not uniquely brave in any way that a previous princess hadn't been. (I mean Ariel took on a shark so Merida taking on a bear isn't much different.) That being said, there are many things that I love about Merida. Primarily, I love Merida's tomboyish nature as I was somewhat similar growing up. (I was kind of half tomboy, half not.) Although Pocahontas had a unique relationship with nature, I really loved seeing Merida's relationship with nature and how resourceful she was in the natural world. It was very awesome to me. I also like Merida's endless confidence. Although it sometimes got her in trouble, I love how Merida just had too much confidence to ever give up. After going through events sure to make one wise up and change their perspective, Merida went through a lot of maturing and I love the way it shaped her in combination with her already existing confidence. I also admire Merida's athleticism and archery talent. Furthermore, Merida is the first princess that we actually get to see with her family - both parents - (for an extended period of time) and I love how we got to see such an interesting arc between Merida and her parents. Merida showed me that just because we might be out of balance with certain attributes or have a hard time assimilating, it doesn't mean we don't still have tons of positive that we can contribute, we just have to find the right balance. <3

Monday, April 4, 2016

Disney Princesses: Housewives on Wisteria Lane/Colonial Street

If the Disney Princesses were Housewives on Wisteria Lane, which house would be theirs?
[If you are a Desperate Housewives fan, I included who lived there from the show if anyone did.] 

You will be familiar with this street if you have ever taken that studio tour on the trams at Universal Studios or seen any of the following shows or films: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The 'Burbs, Desperate Housewives, Gremlins, The Hardy Boyz/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Leave It To Beaver, Matlock, The Munsters, etc. This street is known at Universal Studios as Colonial Street, and also known as Wisteria Lane on the show Desperate Housewives. I think these houses are the most gorgeous houses and the neighborhood overall has such a quaint and pleasant environment that I can totally see the Disney Princesses living together in a neighborhood like this! So why not explore that a bit? Turns out, there are 14 properties on this location so I assigned each official Disney Princess (+ Meg, Elsa & Anna) her own home here. ❤
Below, I have arranged the houses to match this map, starting with Belle & Adam's and ending with Tiana & Naveen's:

Belle: 4347 
This is a simple light blue house (like her simple blue dress) but is also very quaint. With a front and semi-hidden side balcony, she would have plenty of serene places to read her books. [Ida Greenburg/Mitzi Kinsky]

Jasmine: 4349 
Definitely the most luxurious looking house in the neighborhood and best fit to replace the palace in Agrabah. It is a bright yellow like her golden jewelry and has a nice big covered porch that she can sit and socialize with her girlfriends on. [Gabrielle Solis]

Rapunzel: 4351
A beautiful lavender home just like Rapunzel's favorite color. There is only one small balcony but that is okay because she is tired of watching the world from up top and ready to be a part of it. She has a large wrap around porch perfect for inviting new friends over. [Betty Applewhite/Bob & Lee]

Rebecca aka Pocahontas: 4353
This is the coziest little house in the neighborhood. It is nice and welcoming but not flashy and overdone. Perfectly balanced house for a balanced woman. [Susan Mayer/Delfino]

Anna: 4355
Beautiful welcoming green house just like her beautiful and welcoming personality. It is right next to the park and she is definitely the most playful. Also a large front porch for socializing which is her favorite activity! [Lynette Scavo]

Aurora: 4362 
This is a very nice polished pink house that fits perfectly with her graceful, feminine and poised personality. [Edie Britt/Renee Perry]

Merida: 4360
This house is perfect for her because it is the least frilly in the neighborhood, just like she is the least frilly of the crowd. Simple house in the color green, her favorite. No balconies or porches because she's never home, she's always outside exercising and playing.

Elsa: 4358
Elegant baby blue house, just like her elegant baby blue signature dress after she decides to "let it go". Nice large porch for her and Anna to sit and catch up on. [Karen McCluskey]

Meg: 4356
This is a perfect classic no-fuss home that fits Meg's no-fuss personality. Like the house, she is a straight shooter. There is a nice size porch for company if chosen and a nice strong neutral color. [Mike Delfino/Ben Faulkner]

Cinderella: 4354 
This house is a beautiful big blue house, just like her beautiful big blue(ish) dress. It's like a palace but still with a cozy humble touch. Perfect to match her new life. She could even use the garage house as her fashion warehouse! [Bree VandeKamp]

Mulan: 4352
A blend of hard rock on the bottom and beautiful green on top, this house perfectly symbolizes her personality. She is a strong woman deep down in her foundation but she is also a pretty and caring woman who tries to help others. [Mary Alice Young/Angie Bolen]

Snow White: 4350 
This house is a nice beige color, between white (her skin) and yellow (her skirt). It has a gazebo style balcony that fits perfectly for her and her prince to dance around and sing to each other in. [Martha Huber/Felicia Tillman/Andrew VandeKamp]

Ariel: 4348 
This is a sea green large house with a beautiful vine-decorated balcony that looks a bit similar to coral reefs. The display makes one think of a perfect blend of land and sea.

Tiana: 4346
A beautiful classic large yellow home like her large yellow (& green) gown dress and her yellow work outfit. This home is simple, beautiful and efficient, just like Tiana.