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Monday, November 30, 2015

Disney Princesses: Yearbook Epithets

I thought it would be a cute idea to do an article with something positive about each of the official Disney Princesses in the style of a high school yearbook. Since I am writing this from my opinion, I have labeled them with traits that I find the most positive in a princess/female.

1. Snow White- Most Caring & Kind:
Snow White wouldn't hurt a fly. She is so kind and caring that she doesn't even understand why the animals were trying to attack the evil queen disguised as an old woman. "With a smile and a song" it is clear that Snow White is very nurturing. She immediately takes to the dwarves like a mother to orphans and it's so endearing to watch. Even when she makes an unhappy face, her kindness shines through.

2. Cinderella- Best Virtues:
Cinderella is so dignified and good, even in the face of abuse, that she is just an inspiration to watch. A perfect role model for little girls, she represents everything done right in a girl to me. I love her integrity and how pure she is.

3. Aurora- Best Demeanor: Aurora has always been synonymous with grace in my mind. She has the grace of a ballerina, a regal pose, a soft-spoken voice and very demure behavior. She is modest, never shouts and overall is just so pleasant to watch and listen to. Very inspirational.

4. Ariel- Most Loyal: I know this might sound ironic considering she wanted to leave the sea for land but hear me out. Ariel is very loyal to loved ones as we see her rush in front of a deadly shark to rescue her trapped best friend, Flounder. Granted she kind of forced him to go but she would not leave him behind which I think is very brave and loyal. Furthermore, when Ariel finds out that Ursula is marrying Eric in disguise, she rushes to warn and rescue him without hesitation. This is one of Ariel's best traits.

5. Belle- Most (Balanced) Feminine: Belle symbolizes the best of femininity to me, just like Audrey Hepburn. She is small and petite which is feminine in size and she is also a feminine beauty. Beyond looks though, she has a very feminine personality. She is nurturing, supportive and optimistic as well as accommodating, pleasant and virtuous. She knows her value and respects herself with modesty. She doesn't just submit or acquiesce to any man because he thinks he's great, she makes a man earn it like (I believe) a real woman should. On the other hand, she's not a shrew, spiteful, vindictive or vengeful. She has a balanced mind and outlook with a clear goal to better herself everyday. The fact that she loves reading and wants to travel also shows the balance of her femininity and character.

6. Jasmine- Most Honest: One thing I can actually say that is positive about Jasmine is the fact that she is a pretty honest person. When she ran away (which I don't agree with at all), she did tell her father "Maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore." so she wasn't doing this "out of the blue". When she didn't tell Aladdin that she was the princess, it was to protect herself. Whether Jasmine is right or wrong, she is usually completely honest and I always give credit for honesty.

7. Pocahontas- Most Intelligent: This girl grew up in nature with very few man-made things around her yet when she encountered them, she was curious and wanted to understand instead of just immediately rejecting it. Same with meeting John Smith. She didn't care about the color of skin, she just wanted to learn and share her knowledge. In addition, she wasn't afraid to ask others for advice which is the #1 sign of intelligence. She asked Nakoma, her father and Grandmother Willow all about the "spinning arrow" in her dream. She also thought as deeply as wanting to understand the meaning behind her dreams instead of just tossing it off. She is in my opinion, definitely the most intelligent DP by far and I've read that she was very intelligent in real life too.

8. Mulan- Most Adaptable: Although Mulan may not be the most obedient, the fact that she was able to dig down deep and pull off posing as a man shows that she is certainly adaptable. Males are very different from females so this took a lot of adaption. This is a valuable trait because life isn't always fair and things aren't always equal so it is important that one is able to adapt to not only survive but thrive as well.

9. Tiana- Most Humble: Tiana would never just expect something to happen for, she believes in earning everything she gets. She believes in herself to reach her goal but she is not proud about it. She is honest with others about herself and her struggles. She is very inspirational and I don't expect her humility to leave with her new success.

10. Rapunzel- Most Courageous: Rapunzel spent her entire childhood locked in a tower and it took a lot of courage to leave and explore the world around her. When a criminal thief found himself inside of her isolated tower, she found the courage to defend herself and she even worked a deal in to see the outside world. When this criminal took her to a bar full of far creepier and scary criminals than himself, Rapunzel was also very courageous in her words and actions. It takes a lot of courage to leave the "nest" and it takes a lot of courage to face unknown and scary new things/people yet Rapunzel did it with her head held high. That is a courage that might be underrated by some but certainly not by me, I respect Rapunzel's courage greatly.

11. Merida- Most Athletic: Since I was a tomboy in my youth and still enjoy physical activities today, I admire this in Merida. I always wanted to keep my body healthy by eating well and exercising regularly and it seems Merida agrees. I also have always loved archery so it's awesome to see Merida with her bow and arrow. I also love how she's into horseback riding (I love!) and rock climbing (I like the safer versions). Her athleticism is very fun to watch.

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