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Monday, November 2, 2015

Disney Princesses: Monthly Calendar (Nov 2015-Nov 2016)

Thought this was really the perfect time for this light read considering which months I think each Disney Princess represents the best. I did this based on personality and my perception of how those personalities relate to the 4 seasons as well as each month. I hope you guys enjoy! My apologies to non-Americans as this is heavily based on my American connotations with these months especially in regards to American holidays. Hope you guys don't mind!

November: Tiana
Thanksgiving has always been my absolute favorite #1 holiday! I love it because it brings people together over a great meal, just like James' (Tiana's father's) dream: for good food to bring together people of all walks of life. For this reason, Tiana definitely reminds me of November. She loves to cook and bring people together which is what Thanksgiving is all about to me. I also see her as an autumn kind of girl, a bit sassy but not cold.

December: Elsa
The very beginning of Winter, when it all starts to get very cold and chilly. We all know that the cold doesn't bother Elsa. One way to get her up in the middle of the night? Asking to build a snowman. Not only does she clearly love winter and have the connection of a winter-like power but she's also of a very reserved and stoic personality which most people associate with being "cold".

January: Belle
The combination of cold winter and beautiful snowflakes reminds me of balance, just like Belle. She might start off seeming a bit colder and more cautious but as you get to know her, she really is quite warm and friendly. She knows how to be both aggressive like harsh winter winds and softer like playful, pure snow. She also clearly loves snow fights! :) Since she loves to read, she also reminds me of someone who would love warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. Also, January has "New Years" which is, in many ways, a chance for new beginnings which is exactly what Belle gave Adam.

February: Aurora 

In my opinion, the most romantic of all the Disney Princesses therefore I associate her with the month that has the most romantic of all the holidays: Valentine's Day. I think Aurora (& Phillip) embody everything related to romance: love, playfulness, dreaminess, bit of caution, gracefulness, etc. She embodies romance to me. It is also where Winter starts turning to Spring which is very reminiscent of Aurora's personality to me. She can be stoic, graceful and quiet (like Winter) but she can also be very fun, playful and dreamy (like Spring).

March: Mulan
The beginning of Spring, just as Mulan is just beginning to blossom. I associate this month with Mulan because the Spring is just trying to find it's way back from the harsh winter, just like Mulan struggles with finding her place and trying to forget past traditions to newer pastures and means of bringing honor and respect to her family.

April: Snow White
The sweet middle of Spring, flowers are blooming and the grass is inviting. There are some "April Showers" of rain but the sun always finds it's way back out, just like Snow. Even when she has rainy days, she always finds a way to have "a smile", usually with "a song". <3 She also seems to get along wonderfully with the spring forest animals!

May: Anna
Spring turning into summer, just like Anna's sweetness turning into somewhat hyper, spunky and spirited. Anna is a ball of energy just like Summer who has a lot of spunk and "can-do" attitude and courage. She doesn't give up very easily at all. That being said, she is also very sweet and friendly. Deep down, she is really just a social butterfly of sorts who loves good company. She reminds me very much of the border of Spring and Summer. There is a light breeze, just like she is easygoing, but also a hot summer sun peeking out, just like her determination and perseverance.

June: Jasmine
Starting to get to the hottest part of the year and Jasmine is from one of the hottest parts of the planet. She also has a very fiery and feisty personality that is full of energy, just like the beginning of summer. She knows she only has so much time with her but so many things to do, just like June feels: There are so many summer activities to experience but only so much time to do. School-age children usually feel trapped all year and love getting out of school this month, finally free to explore and run around the way they've always wanted to. I could see this being Jasmine's favorite month if she experienced it as I did, the start of summer break.

July: Ariel
No one is in school and there tends to be many social gatherings and functions. This is also the time when many summer loves start really spending time together, often over a campfire by the beach or watching 4th of July fireworks together. This is often looked at as a very romantic holiday but more in a dating sense than courting sense like Valentine's Day. This reminds me a lot of Ariel. She is flighty and free-roaming like summer but with some social desires as July tends to be a pretty social month.

August: Merida
The month to cram in last minute summer activities while it's still possible before having to transition into autumn, just like Merida tries to hold onto her childhood and immaturity as much as possible before having to transition into adulthood with many responsibilities and expectations. She has total summer energy and enthusiasm, but she also wants to extend her play-time. It is common in August to wish it was really July and that summer wasn't about to be over. I see a lot of symbolism for Merida here.

September: Cinderella 
Time to give into the transformation of Autumn and for many children, transition back to school and getting back on track for a new beginning to a new school year. Some of those new school years are even new schools (i.e. middle to high school) with new expectations, responsibilities and freedoms to embrace. Similarly, I most associate Cinderella with transformation, not with her dress but with her life. She transforms her entire life and is ready to embrace love, happiness, trust, respect and the other most beautiful parts of her new life/love. She also as a princess is going to have new responsibilities and expectations but she's ready for that. :) She also has such a girl-next-door, balanced personality that I think really reminds me of Autumn and it's laid back nature that isn't too hot or too cold in weather.

October: Rapunzel
A most active month in America because of Halloween. People are binge-watching scary movies, going all-out with Halloween decorations and having many social gathering events. Most of Rapunzel's spare time activities actually fit in best with the month of October. I associate her candle making with jack-o-lanterns and scary Halloween decorations, her ventriloquism also with scary Halloween decorations and haunted houses, her sewing with sewing Halloween costumes, her baking treats with Halloween treats, etc. Point being, I see this as a very creative and artistic month just like she is the very creative and artistic princess.

November: Pocahontas
So the 2 main reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite is 1) the awesome food & 2) the concept of giving thanks and taking a day out to acknowledge those things that we are grateful for. I love that second aspect so much and I highly associate Pocahontas with being a very grateful person who doesn't take anything for granted. She embodies the "Thanksgiving" holiday to me. Not because she is a native American itself, but because she is a very thankful person and she actually was able to make peace with both groups of native americans and "pilgrims". This is because she is so unselfish and thankful, she can see the beauty and appreciate all people who are good people and all good things.

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