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Monday, August 3, 2015

Disney Princesses: Charities and Causes

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I got this idea when I learned that at one point, Disney actually was using some of the princesses in 'cause' advertisements and it got me thinking: If each of the Disney Princesses wanted to select a cause/charity to contribute to, which would it be?

Snow White- Senior Citizens:
Snow White ends up homeless after running away from the evil queen and she was fortunate that the 7 dwarfs took her in. This is why I think she would want to help senior citizens the way she did for the dwarfs and the way that they helped her (although they were not senior, they were getting close). Older generations have a lot of wisdom and have often been contributing to society their whole lives. Since Snow is such a grateful person, it makes sense to me she'd want to pay that back to them and she has the perfect blend of nurturing and determination to get the job done.

Cinderella- Animal Protection:
Cinderella has many animal friends whom she looks after as well as they look after her. It just makes perfect sense to me that she would want to be involved in a cause that protects animals from going extinct.

Aurora- Forest Protection: Aurora grew up for 16 years in the forest so I imagine she would be quite attached to it as well as the forest animals. I think it makes perfect sense that Aurora would want to conserve the forest. (Note: I've heard Disney used Aurora in an ad for "Preventing Forest Fires" before but I couldn't find the ad.)

Ariel- Ocean Protection & Historical Landmark Preservation: Ariel is obviously connected with the ocean for being a mermaid and it makes perfect sense that Disney has already used her to promote keeping the ocean clean. However, I think Ariel would be just as passionate about keeping historical landmarks alive as she would keeping the ocean clean, if it weren't for her family living under there. Ariel is obviously very interested in culture, knowledge and learning as well as exploring what society has to offer. This is why I think she would want to proactively save precious historical buildings from being torn down and forgotten.
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Belle- Literacy/Education:
Belle has had a reading with children show before and it was lovely. Since Belle loves to read books it would make perfect sense that she would want to keep books alive with youth and keep reading an interesting hobby.

Jasmine- Orphans: Jasmine has a very fiery and spoiled personality but she also has a somewhat maternal and caring personality as shown when she tries to feed the hungry orphans with the apple. She also married an orphan when she married Aladdin so I think this would make her want to get involved and try to help find homes for those children or get them better resources because even though they don't have parents, they are still the future.

Pocahontas- Climate Change/Natural Energy: Pocahontas understands balance better than the average girl (or even princess). I think she would see the ice caps melting and the land we are losing and be absolutely horrified. I think she would make it her personal mission to want to push alternative organic methods all around so that we can start harmonizing with the environment instead of harming it.

Mulan- Military/Veteran Support: Mulan was not the only person in her family to serve in the military as her father was a veteran too. As a second-generation war hero, I think Mulan would definitely want to make sure that veterans who fight for their country are taken care of. I also think she would care about the military in general so that they don't ever have to resort to drafting senior veterans (like in her film). She would of course care about the families of military personnel as well.

Tiana- Youth Encouragement: Tiana grew up with great encouragement from her parents which helped her to really achieve her dream of opening up her own restaurant. There is a cause called "Big Sisters" where women sign up to have a relationship with young girls called "Little Sisters" who are seeking out positive female role models. I think this would be a splendid program for Tiana because it would allow her to give back in a very meaningful way without interrupting her busy schedule as a business owner. I also think Tiana would make a great "Big Sister" because she has accomplished her goals and can handle being honest without being rude. In a lot of ways, Tiana was a "big sister" for Charlotte who had lost her mother young so Tiana has experience. (I say "big sister" because she was clearly more mature than Charlotte though not older.) She would be a great positive role model for a young girl to learn from.

Rapunzel- Child Abuse/Protection: Rapunzel lived in an abusive home for her entire childhood without realizing it because she was too innocent and too close to the situation. I think she would be a perfect role model for children coming out of an abusive relationship because she understands what it feels like to be betrayed by the one person that every child tends to look up to the very most, their mother. Granted this was not actually her mother but she didn't know that until she uncovered the deception. I also think she would want to protect other children who might be too innocent to realize their situation and help them get out.

Merida- Exercise & Fitness: Merida is eating an apple near the beginning of the film which might be the healthiest thing I've ever seen any of the princesses eat on their own accord. (Plus she seems to have a thing for apples throughout the film.) She also clearly gets more than enough fitness. I think Merida would be a great role model for exercise and fitness since America is experiencing a childhood obesity problem. Merida is definitely not stick-thin but she is definitely not obese either. She would be perfect for this and it perfectly fits who she is and what she likes.

Elsa- Disaster Relief: Elsa was a hard one to place but eventually I thought this one works the best. Although she did create her own disaster, she also (eventually) picked up the pieces after and ruled over the land. I think she would want to help others who go through a devastating change or event like the one she put Arendelle through because she would understand how hard and horrible it can be. She is also a graceful person and I think she would be sympathetic that other disasters cannot be solved with a little bit of love and ice powers and therefore want to do what she could to help.

Anna- Youth Development: Anna is a girl who will take a very long time to fully grow up. She has a very youthful, energetic and optimistic spirit that would be incredibly perfect to be part of "The Girl Scouts". I think she would make a perfect Scout leader and would work incredibly well with the children. She would also love the company and feeling needed and looked up to. I think this would be a cause that she would really enjoy and fully embrace.

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