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Monday, December 14, 2015

My Favorite DP Non-Ball Gown/Ceremonial Outfits Countdown!

The Disney Princesses wear some of the cutest little outfits, both inside and outside of ceremonies and balls, so I wanted to do a fun and light-hearted ranking of all of their outfits! (I will be doing a second countdown with the ceremonial outfits and ball gowns ranked.) I ranked them based on which I'd like to wear most:

Peasant/Work Outfits:

7. Snow White's Brown "Servant's" Outfit: For something that is made to look incredibly unflattering, it's actually not that bad. Aside from being torn and having different-colored patches, it's really just a plain dress.

6. Jasmine's Brown Peasant Robe: I think this is the second most beautiful that Jasmine looks in the entire film. It seems like a robe would be unflattering yet it's not at all. The robe focuses all of the physical attention on Jasmine's gorgeous facial features as well as displays her feminine size. 

5. Tiana's Blue Work Uniform: A simple basic looking dress with a nice shape and decent color. (The color seems to be more turquoise than blue though.) I just don't like collars.

4. Tiana's Yellow Work Outfit: Cute little shape and cute little color. I think this is a really cute work outfit.

3. Belle's Blue Peasant Outfit: I really love this dress and I even think it is cute with the white long-sleeve underneath but I'm not a big fan of aprons and find them distracting when one isn't cleaning/cooking/serving etc.

2. Cinderella's Blue & Brown "Servant's" Outfit: I really like the contrast here with the blue and brown and I actually think Cinderella looks really pretty in this outfit. I definitely wouldn't mind wearing this to clean if it didn't worry me that it would be ruined. ❤

1. Aurora's Gray & Brown Peasant Outfit: Geez, the only "peasant" outfit that I genuinely wanted to wear (except with shoes of course). I really love this outfit and I think it is so gorgeous and classy, I would love to wear this for a casual day, even with the collar. ❤

Casual (Non Ball-Gown) Outfits:

12. Tiana's Yellow Dress: Without the risqué slit in the dress, this would be beautiful! It's still pretty though!

11. Ariel's Lavender Dress: Without the risqué slit in the dress, this would be gorgeous! It's still beautiful though!

10. Elsa's Blue Dress: Without the risqué slit in the dress, this would be absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors and I love the sleeves!

9. Mulan's Green Cheongsam Dress: I really like these Cheongsam dresses and I think they are beautiful!

8. Tiana's Brown Belted Dress: I really like this dress and I think it is really cute! I love the belt.

7. Anna's Blue Bunad Dress: I love these types of dresses and I love the patterns on all of Anna's Bunads! I think the flower patterns give it a really nice feminine and classy touch.

6. Merida's Dark Celtic Dress: Such a beautiful cut and beautiful color. I think this dress is so graceful and majestic. This is an absolutely beautiful daily dress.

5. Rapunzel's Purple Dirndl Dress: I think these Dirndl dresses are absolutely gorgeous! (Yes, I love just about all of these traditional dresses.) This is such a beautifully elegant and feminine color, no wonder Rapunzel wore it everyday. ❤

4. Anna's Olive(?) Bunad Dress: Although I'm not quite sure exactly what color this is, I love this dress! I really like the way the color looks and I love the entire style of this dress. I would love to wear this! ❤

3. Ariel's Blue Dress: I've always loved and remembered this beautiful blue dress! This might even be my favorite blue DP dress, period. I absolutely adore the big beautiful bow that is worn with the dress too. I would love to own/wear this outfit! 

2. Belle's Pink Dress: If it weren't for the (to me) awkward stripe going down the front of it, this would actually be my #1 favorite dress! It is my favorite color, pink, and would make for an absolutely perfect fall dress. I love the pink bow that accessorizes it! I would love to own this (without the stripe) gorgeous dress/bow outfit! 

1. Belle's Green Dress: My absolute favorite DP casual outfit! I love the fit, the color and the style of this dress. I also love the bow! This entire outfit is so beautiful, so feminine, so modest... This is the perfect dress to me. I would love to own this dress, in this color and others!
(I prefer styles that are classy, feminine and modest. I don't much care for ruffles, collars or obnoxious patterns but I do tend to like lace and floral or feminine patterns. I'm not as picky when it comes to colors as long as they all work together aesthetically.)

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