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Monday, December 21, 2015

My Favorite DP Ball Gown/Ceremonial Outfits Countdown!

The Disney Princesses wear some of the cutest little outfits, both inside and outside of ceremonies and balls, so I wanted to do a fun and light-hearted ranking of all of their outfits! I already did a sort of "part 1" to this countdown with the non-ceremonial outfits/ball gowns ranked. Here I will be ranking the non-casual categories of outfits. I ranked them based on which I'd like to wear/own most:

Ceremonial (Non-Casual/Non-Ball Gown) Outfits:

10. Tiana's Green Dress: Probably my least favorite of Tiana's dresses. I don't like whatever's going on with the top half (the V-shaped thing). It looks very awkward and distracting to me.

9. Mulan's Blue Cheongsam Dress: I love the style of this dress, I just don't like this particular coloring. It's not feminine enough for my taste. For some reason I find this combination of blue colors together to be a bit saddening.

8. Tiana's Orange & Brown(?) Dress: I think the colors work well together and I like this as a Renaissance outfit type dress but I wouldn't want to wear it outside of a costume party.

7. Elsa's Dark Coronation Dress: Not as feminine and playful as Anna's but I still like the style of this dress. I like how graceful and regal it is but I'm not a huge fan of it being so dark and cold (though it worked perfectly to reflect where Elsa was in her life).

6. Tiana's Blue Dress: I normally don't prefer sleeveless tops at all but this is a really beautiful dress. The style and color are so softly majestic and elegant together. I also like the soft feminine hue of blue color. I am not a big fan of sparkly dresses so I would probably never wear something like this (nor would I be invited to an event that I actually find to be appropriate for such sparkly dresses) but that certainly doesn't stop me from admiring it's beauty.

5. Snow White's Blue/Red & Yellow Dress: I am not a fan of stripes down the front (or back) of my clothing as I find it to be very awkward looking. That stripe aside, this is such a beautiful blend of the primary colors. I know the skirt is more of a beige-yellow in the film but they all work together nicely. I probably wouldn't wear this specific dress outside of a costume party but I would love to wear outfits inspired by this.

4. Merida's Celtic Engagement Dress: I like how the color isn't sparkly but kind of metallic. I think this dress is very beautiful and I admire it's shape and style. I love long-sleeve dresses as well. I even like the print at the bottom of the dress; The only thing I don't like is the belt-thing(?) hanging down. I don't like for any designs or accessories of my clothes to draw attention to certain inappropriate areas of my body so I would find this dress to be a bit awkward to wear in public. If the belt didn't have the vertical strip then I wouldn't mind the horizontal part of the belt with the dress.

3. Jasmine's Purple Announcement Dress: The most beautiful that Jasmine looks in her entire film, in my opinion. I absolutely love this lilac-purple color and find it to be a perfect feminine and majestic color. If Jasmine's attitude matched this dress more (and she dressed more like this) then she would've been one of my favorite princesses. I think this dress is gorgeous and I would love to own/wear it! (I just would never wear an off-shoulder sleeve dress in public without my husband's company.)

2. Mulan's Pink Cheongsam Dress: I really like these kinds of Cheongsam dresses! I think they are so cute and classy. This is by far my favorite of Mulan's outfits as I absolutely love the blend of feminine colors here. I would love to wear this dress, costume party or not! I'd love to wear this dress and go to a tea house. (I'd love to own this dress!)

1. Rapunzel's Pink Royalty Dress: Such a perfect balance, I wish I owned this dress. I love the beautiful mixed color of pink and purple which is a symbolic blend of femininity and elegance/royalty. I think the subtle patterns are a really neat touch and I love the style of this dress. I know just wearing a dress like this would make me feel like a princess.

Ball Gowns:

7. Cinderella's (Initial) Pink Gown: It's a shame because pink and white are my favorite colors and I usually really like them together a lot. I also usually like bows but unfortunately for me, this dress doesn't have a big appeal. I would prefer the big bow that's in the front, to be moved to the back. I think it is too big and distracting where it is. I would also like the two lower pink bows to be closer towards the bottom of the dress. Those changes that I'd need to make are too big. (Then again, mice and birds did make this dress! Haha) Beautiful colors and beautiful shape, I just don't like the style.

6. Tiana's Green & Yellow Gown: I think this is a beautiful gown though I don't like the "^^^" top pattern. Other than that, I never knew green and yellow could look so beautiful together like this.

5. Cinderella's Silver/Mint Gown: I'm going with the original color and not the changed color over time because I grew up watching it on VHS in the original color. I'm normally not a fan of sparkly dresses but this dress is really unique and gorgeous. I think this dress is really beautiful and I would even love to wear it if it would look okay being in such a bright color. Unfortunately, because of the color I would find this to be very hard to find an event to wear it to (for me). I am also not a fan of "glass heels" for obvious reasons. Also as I have stated before, I am not a fan of the single stripe on the front of a dress. (As far as the bluer color, I would have a better chance of finding somewhere to wear it to and yes, still want to own it.) ❤

4. Aurora's Blue/Pink Gown:
I find this dress to just be absolutely gorgeous. It is so graceful, so feminine and so Aurora! I normally don't like the cut of this dress but it totally works here. I think the style and shape are just gorgeous. I would love to own this dress and I do have to admit that the blue color works better on Aurora than the pink.  (Although Aurora looks better in the blue version, pink is my favorite color!) In both the blue and pink colors, I love the contrast of the lighter with darker hues. I would love to own both versions of this dress and I would have such a beaming smile in either. ❤

3. Anna's Green Coronation Gown: I love Anna's style! I love these types of dresses and I love the patterns on all of Anna's Bunads! I think the flower patterns give it a really nice feminine and classy touch. I love the contrast of the darker green top with the lighter green skirt. I would definitely feel like a princess wearing this dress and would love to own it! ❤

2. Ariel's Pink Gown: I know this dress is only shown for a very small part of the film but I've always been in love with it. I love everything about it, especially the colors! My favorite color is pink and I love the use of the contrasting pinks. I also really love that it's a long sleeve dress! What would I give to own this dress? I would feel like such a "pretty princess" in this dress and I might never want to take it off. It just makes me too happy and makes me smile too much looking at it. (And doesn't Ariel just look like an absolute vision of stunning femininity and grace in it?) ❤

1. Belle's Yellow Gown: Such an iconic dress for a good reason. I would absolutely love to own this dress and I did wear a version of it one year for Halloween when I was under the age of 5 yrs old. Yellow is not one of my top 5 clothing colors at all but this golden dress is gorgeous and breathtaking. I absolutely adore everything about it, especially the bottom skirt part. I love that although it is off-shoulder, it is not too risqué in the front and has a balance. This is the ultimate princess dress to me. ❤

 ❤ Belle's dress was also the inspiration for my own wedding dress:  
I had the bottom trimmed though because I'm petite and had an outdoor wedding.
Wedding Dresses:
Can you believe there are only 3 out of the 13 (including Elsa & Anna) princesses shown in a wedding dress? What a shame! 

3. Tiana's: For a wedding dress, especially a royal wedding dress, this is a bit underdone in my opinion and I'm not one for over-the-top dresses. However I believe a wedding should only be once in a lifetime and the dress should symbolize that by being the kind of dress that you would never get to wear except this once in a lifetime. I don't see this dress as being one of those.

2. Ariel's: This would be what I'm talking about in over-the-top; Not for everyone but just for me, personally. The sleeves are way too big for me to be comfortable. If they were the size of Ariel's pink gown instead, it would be perfect to me. I love the long sleeves and I love the traditional poof-skirt style of the dress.

1. Cinderella's: A balanced dress for a balanced woman, in my opinion. I love this dress and I think it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect as a wedding dress. I love the long sleeves which I find to be incredibly elegant and graceful. I also love that the top is more form-fitting and the bottom is more traditional poof-skirt style. Those are my absolute favorite types of dresses. I think they are so feminine and modest that they just look perfect. Just because I love modest and graceful styles doesn't mean I like stuffy "grandma" clothes. I love the balance of femininity and modesty in all clothing and it's probably my #1 value (even before size/fitting if it's bigger since that can be tailored down).
(I prefer styles that are classy, feminine and modest. I don't much care for ruffles, collars or obnoxious patterns but I do tend to like lace and floral or feminine patterns. I'm not as picky when it comes to colors as long as they all work together aesthetically.)

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