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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disney Females: Color by Seasons Theory - Winters

I recommend every girl read this, it will help you bring out your best looks with minimal effort! 
So I never really got to experience much of fashion-culture growing up and have just recently begun to give it any focus or attention. I have heard of the rule that "Redheads shouldn't wear pink." and I have seen some people discuss this in terms of Ariel and her pink dress. I have also read many comments debating Aurora's famous "Blue vs. Pink Dress". In those discussions, I heard people say things like "She's a Winter." etc. I thought that was so fascinating! I had never heard of this concept before so I decided to look into it. That is how I came across the 12 Season System which is an adaptation of the earlier 4 Season System. Since this was all so new to me and quite complex and nuanced, I had to find as much detailed explanations as I possibly could to understand it. There are two major sites I used and they will be provided for those of you who are interested! :D

The first site: Pretty Your World by Lora Alexander, a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, certified Image Consultant and artist. She put it quite perfectly "Sure, you CAN wear whatever color you want to. But if you want to look YOUR BEST, you’ll want to wear colors that harmonize with your natural coloring. It’s really that simple. Color Analysis is NOT A FAD! In fact, it’s scientific, based on the 1898 color theory by artist and professor Albert Munsell. Click here for more information about his theory. Its effects are profound. And it can simplify your life by eliminating bad shopping choices in clothes, makeup, hair color and even jewelry and accessories. Think of the time and money that can be saved!"
I used this site more for the understanding of the color theory itself, it's accuracy and an overall introduction to the seasons and their unique traits.

The second site: The Chic Fashionista This site was such a "godsend" for me as it helped me so much with understanding the "dominant characteristics" of which I wasn't fully understanding from the 1st site. This cleared up much of the questions I had as it goes into a little more detail about those dominant traits and less into the psychology etc. of the color theory.
I used this site more for the understanding of the dominant traits, more details and how the subtle nuances determine the accuracy of placements. 

Step 1: Finding Your Dominant Characteristic 
"The first step in this seasonal color analysis, is to figure out the first thing you (or anyone) notice about you when you look in the mirror/enter the room." [[*Descriptions provided by earlier mentioned websites with links.]]

Deep: (Strong, rich, dark coloring)
If your dominant characteristic is Deep it means people notice your dark hair and dark eyes first. You have the deepest coloring in the analysis. You have a strong, rich coloring. Majority of women of color fall within this group.
Eyes: Black, black-brown, dark auburn, brown, dark green or dark hazel. And in some instances a very deep, dark blue. If you have an eye color other than the ones stated, you are not a deep.
Hair: Black, black-brown, chestnut brown, medium brown, dark auburn. Very deep hair color. If you have salt & pepper hair then you may belong to this season.
Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Kristin Kreuk, Eva Mendes, Leighton Meester

Light: (Very light and delicate)
If your dominant characteristic is Light it means your hair and eyes are light. You have the lightest and most delicate coloring in the seasonal color analysis.
Eyes: Light to medium blue or green. You may also have light hazel to pale brown eyes. Quite the opposite of Deep. [[You are NOT a Light if you have brown eyes. There is another group for people with blonde hair and brown eyes (see: Soft)]]
Hair: Light to medium ash or golden blonde or soft/light auburn. Very light hair in general.
Celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon

Soft: (Soft, dusty colors; nothing bright and overpowering)
If your dominant characteristic is Soft-muted it means your coloring is somewhat neutral - a mix of warm and cool. You can appear light but you have a richer look. Neither Light nor Deep-dark. Often classified as 'mousy'. Many ethnic mixed with light eyes fall within this group.
Eyes: Brown to hazel, grey green, blue grey, clear blue, or a mix of everything.
Hair: Your hair may appear mousy. Golden blonde (strawberry blonde) to medium brown, soft auburn. Medium to deep ash brown. You may have light grey/yellow grey hair.
Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Katherine Heigl, Vanessa Williams, Rihanna, Jessica Biel

Clear: (Bright, clear colors, nothing muted or dusty)
If your dominant characteristic is Clear it means you have a bright and crisp look to your coloring. Your eyes have a clear color which is intensified with your bright hair. The opposite of Soft. Peaches n' cream look. Your eyes are sparkly and jewel-like and often a total knock-out (see celeb examples and you'll know what I mean).
Eyes: Clear blue, turquoise blue or green, clear green, emerald or sparkly amber/topaz.
Hair: Black, black-brown, medium to dark brown. You may have very bright golden deep blonde or red hair. You may have very golden white-blonde hair.
Celebrities: Megan Fox, Liv Tyler, Courtney Cox, Jenny McCarthy, Heather Graham, Emilie de Ravin, Brittany Snow

Warm: (Yellow based colors, no blue undertones)
If your dominant characteristic is Warm it means you have an all-over glow to your coloring. With obvious warm and earthy undertones to your hair, eyes and skin. The majority of classic red-heads fall within this group. Skin tone has more evident warm undertones than cool. 
Eyes: Brown, olive green, dark hazel, light hazel, blue.
Hair: Is neither deep or light, has a medium intensity - Light to medium golden brown, medium chestnut, rich and warm red (coppery), auburn, deep golden brown, strawberry blonde
Celebrities: Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, Beyonce, Hilary Duff, Debra Messing, Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan.

Cool: (Blue based colors, no yellow or golden undertones)
If your dominant characteristic is Cool it means you have an all-over cool look to your coloring. You may appear deep but what sets you apart from the dark-haired (Deep) is your softened, grayish undertones. Many with graying hair fall within this group. Your skin has an obvious grayish, ashy or cool undertone to it. You may have had a warmer coloring when you were younger but it has softened in your aging years.
Hair: Ashy (medium-dark or red) hair, silver ashy blonde or grey/silver mix hair
Eyes: Gray-blue, hazel, softened blue, violet, soft dark brown, charchoal gray.
Celebrities: Liz Hurley, Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Taylor

Step 2: Finding Your Secondary Characteristic & Season 
Once you’ve determined your dominant characteristic, next decide if the warmer or the cooler colors look best (or medium/light/dark depending on your characteristics).[*Note you need to be able to, or have someone else, be completely objective with which looks better on you, not which you like more or happen to prefer for accuracy.]

You will be either a:

Deep Winter (Cool Colors) or Autumn (Warm Colors);

Light Spring (Warm Colors) or Summer (Cool Colors);

Clear Winter (Cool Colors) or Spring (Warm Colors);

Soft Summer (Cool Colors) or Autumn (Warm Colors);

Warm Autumn (Medium Colors) or Spring (Light Colors);

Cool Winter (Darker Colors) or Summer (Medium Colors) 

This is based on the undertone of your coloring. Both of the sites I provided have further coloring tests for those who are more interested. The coloring tests will help you better identify which is your season.

Obviously this is still somewhat new to me and I am certainly no expert but I did my best after lots of reading on these seasons and dominant traits for months and getting lots of feedback, to place each Disney female in her appropriate season. Here are my results:

Clear Winter:
Medium gray, charcoal, black, dark taupe, icy grey, taupe, icy blue, icy lavendar, lavendar, icy pink, clear red, raspberry, raspberry pink, aubergine, icy yellow, bright golden yellow, hot turquoise, emerald turquoise, purple, dark purple, royal blue, navy
Eyes: Bright Blue, Violet, Emerald Green 
Hair: Black, Black-Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown. May have faint warm highlights. 
Skin: Black, Deep Brown, Light/Neutral Beige, Pale Olive, Milky White 

Example of Clear Winter Palette


"Your palette is more Winter-like with all the purples and grays, and lack of a Spring's fresh greens and peachy pinks. Your best colors are cooler, icy and deeper than Clear Spring's. Pure white, black and grays are some of your best neutrals." 

Cool Winter:
Light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, charcoal, taupe, rose pink, hot pink, purple, blue red, deep rose, burgundy, icy blue, icy pink, lemon yellow, emerald turquoise, hot turquoise, bright periwinkle, royal blue, purple, navy, dark purple.
Eyes: Charcoal Gray, Blue, Violet, Soft Dark Brown, Icy Hazel 
Hair: Blue-Black, Ashy Dark to Medium Brown Hair, Silver, Ashy White-Blonde, Salt & Pepper. Absolutely NO Red or Golden Tones. 
Skin: Rose Beige, Neutral Beige, Soft-Cool Olive or Black

Example of Clear Winter Palette

Kidagakash (aka Kida)


Snow White


"Your palette is very similar to a Deep but yours is slightly cooled down. You look magnificent in various shades of grays - and black and purple are your *power* colors. Some your best neutrals are snow white, gray and black." 

Deep Winter:
Black, charcoal, black-brown, red-brown, icy grey, grey, hot pink, true red, rust, aubergine, blue red, mint, lemon yellow, light green, emerald green, olive, purple, Chinese blue, bright periwinkle, blue, navy, clear teal.
Eyes: Black, Black-Brown, Dark Hazel, Sometimes Medium Brown 
Hair: Black, Black-Brown, Medium Brown, Steel Gray, Salt & Pepper 
Skin: Black, Black-Brown, Olive-Yellow, Pale Ivory [Blue or Pink Undertones]

Example of Deep Winter Palette






Tiger Lily




"Some of your best colors are pure and vivid, and you'll be able to wear some of the deepest colors of the Deep Autumn palette such as chocolate brown. You look best in blue-based dark colors such as true red and navy. Fuchsia is also a great color with your coloring. Compared to most of the other groups in the analysis your dark and cool characteristics are able to hold such strong colors." 

So Which Season Are You?
Having Trouble Deciding? Try This Quiz!

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