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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disney Females: Born and Raised in America Part 3/3

What if all of the Disney Females were from American cities? Which ones would they be from?
(*Note, I comprised this list of where they would be born and raised from, not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list - coming soon as additions are being made. 😊 PS: If this post sounds familiar, it's because it used to just include the Princesses but I decided to add the other Disney females to the list!)

For the sake of organization, I have chosen to divide the characters by "regions", which include: Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Southwest/Desert, Midwest, Northeast & Southeast (there are pictures to show which specific states are included in these regions.)

Northeast Region:

Wendy: Wilmington, Delaware

This city is one of the major stops on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad. It is also the home of a young and diverse population, there are tons of awesome ethnic festivals here, including the Italian Festival, Greek Festival, Polish Festival, and German Oktoberfest. This would explain Wendy's diverse and vivid imagination: living by the railroad thinking of traveling and fantasizing about Neverland which is a pretty eclectic place (like the ethnic festivals).

Penny: New York City, New York

The movie covered this one. 😊

Honorary Mention - Thumbelina: Providence, Rhode Island

"Roger Williams Park is a top-notch family attraction that has delighted generations of visitors. The zoo recently earned rave reviews and record attendance at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. The park also contains waterways, walks, Botanical Center, a Carousel Village, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium. The Alex and Ani City Center boasts wonderful ice skating downtown, featuring more ice than Rockefeller Center and the city's dynamic skyline as a backdrop." This small city matches the beauty of all of the various places in Thumbelina's stories, particularly in the "Let Me Be Your Wings" sequence.

Meg: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coincidentally enough, Megara very much embodies Philadelphia as a female character. She has that snappy dialogue/banter that is very Philly-style, and she also has a tough personality like the women here. She'd fit in here perfectly.

Jane: Portland, Maine

Kida: Buffalo, New York

"Buffalo is a city on the shores of Lake Erie in upstate New York. Its fine neoclassical, beaux arts and art deco architecture speaks to its history as an industrial capital in the early 20th century. Its landmarks include the 398-ft art deco City Hall, the Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Darwin D. Martin House and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, a Greek Revival museum with works by Picasso and Warhol." With such architectural and artistic emphasis, this place definitely brings Atlantis to mind. Furthermore, it's very close to the infamous Niagara Falls, similar to the stunning waterfalls near Atlantis.

Merida: Boston, Massachusetts 

Not only is Boston the city that launched the American Revolution, but it's still a very tough city today. Merida is devoted to being "liberated" and free to do as she pleases - and she also fought for her peers (the princes from the nearby "kingdoms") to have the same freedom of choice as her. This city has a high value on resiliency (like Merida's father), but there is also a high value on education (like Merida's mother) as it is close to Harvard, the Ivy League college. Merida and her family would all fit in perfectly here.

Southeast Region:

Cinderella & Anastasia & Drizella Tremaine: Dallas, Texas

Most of Texas is known for being conservative and Dallas tends to be a hub for wealth and status - which would explain the Evil Stepmom & Stepsisters' greed and obsession with status (not saying all Dallas people or Texans are that way - after all, it's where Prince Charming would live too!). It's also a beautiful city, just like the one in Cinderella's movie.

Pocahontas & Nakoma: Richmond, Virginia 

The movie/real life covered this one. 😊

Tiana & Charlotte: New Orleans, Louisiana

The movie covered this one. 😊

Rapunzel: Memphis, Tennessee

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